Christian Keller Elected to DFL Supervisory Board After Narrow Victory

Christian Keller was elected to the DFL managerial board with two ballots ahead of Welder Brass Fiery on Friday as the follower to Fred BBC.
This unanticipated ballot has void capacity as well as might additionally recover in the DFL explosiveness when it comes to a feasible investor.
However, Keller does not would like to know anything concerning that, although he had actually seriously talked about the subject in the past.


I actually intend to clean keeping that. One actually has nothing to do with the other, stressed the handling director of 1. FC Cologne on Sunday at the Sport1 dual Pass.
These are two totally different building websites. You do something incorrect when you link both.
Keller is claimed to have already moved far from his apprehension in the direction of a capitalist in his application speech on Friday.
Currently, he claimed diplomatically: It is primary which is the order of this DFL presidium, options to demonstrate how the organization can create. In the next step it is equally essential to take the clubs with me. I had just recently claimed seriously
That I lack this, however that occurs currently. If all clubs understand the different choices, it will certainly be concerning discussing what the biggest possible is, from which every person benefits best, not just the first two leagues.

Football is really what should be developmental for all-dies assumed

The decisive factors are common objectives, after that the response to one of the most pressing questions-investor, 50 +1, fannae-sahnache- instantly, according to Keller, who claimed at the end of January in the FAZ, the DFL was followed right now the monstrance of the monstrance
International competition of some top clubs.
What should the DFL represent?
Football is something that is there for individuals, except specific teams of society. Football is actually something for everybody. This thought ought to additionally be developmental, states Keller.
The game must always be the emphasis. Money and commerce ought to be a way to an end that the video game works better, yet not vice versa.
In his view, there ought to be no ban on reasoning.

I do not have such as 2 sentences, stated Keller: ‘ It has actually always been so’ as well as ‘We have actually never done it this way’..

Now he claimed diplomatically: It is primary as well as that is the order of this DFL presidium, options to show how the league can create. I had recently claimed critically
Football is actually something for every person. This idea must additionally be formative, says Keller.