Enrique Llopis Fall at European Athletics Championships: Hospital Reports

Louis dropped the last obstacle at the final over 60 meters.
The 22-year-old threaded the difficulty, stumbled as well as opened his head on the track.

After that, the Spaniard continued to be motionless.
Paramedics were quickly for medical care on website.
Try to protect the crashed Spaniard with large towels from the eyes of the horrified viewers.


After the treatment, Louis was brought out of the hall on a cot.
The first mindful all-clear was still in the hall when the physicians cooled down with a high thumb towards the audience.
With consciousness, the hurdle jogger went to the hospital, where he needed to undergo additional exams.
At night, Louis reported himself from the healthcare facility by video.
In the short payment, he confirmed that his problem was not severe.
the swiss jason Joseph (7.41) had protected the European championship title in the last over the 60-meter hurdles in advance of Jakub Szymnaski (pol) and also simply Kwaou-Mathey.