99 from the Xbox Marketplace and I was amazed at how good the game was!

Cheap doesn’t get good, or how does that say go?
Some time ago, I bought the cheapest possible PlayStation game at a ferocious price of $0.12 and found that the content would quite well match the price.
You can read about this horror by clicking the link below.
I decided to try the same on the Xbox side.
Was it worth?

do not have to be a chronic that your own puppies get a game

Finding the cheapest game in Xbox’s marketplace was not quite easy.
Through a console or an official website, you can’t put any sort of game in order at the price.
I had to help the Internet’s more unofficial price sites, which were finally needed.
The cheapest output of Microsoft Store costs €0.99.
More titles were on offer at that price, but even a few things were equipped with that price tag without any of its discounts.
Questing games, one block run title, and World Enduro Rally, a two-wheeler.
I ended up in Enduro because it seemed a bit more interesting in these three options.
Card whispers, motorcycle game buying and charging to the console.

The best thing that is, I hear

According to the ad text, World Enduro Rally is the best Enduro game of what it is.
This is a pity, but I’ll explain why.
The output also promises, among other things, incredible graphics, really realistic physics and great locations around the world.
This is how we tell us the Steam page of the output.

However, the reality is smoother.
It is up to the player to control the bikes from the left end of the scenery to the right to the right.
The main point is to fold the journey as quickly as possible, but there are no time limits for any sort.
As soon as you get to the end, the field is played.
Failures are not punishable by the time penalty.
That’s what the game looks like.
Occasionally, obstacles to the stroller struck the strollers that can hit our motorist off the wheel and on their backs.
The gorges that drip into are also plenty.
The button press will return to the previous intermediate point if the need arises.
If the fields manage to do without crashing and do more stunts during the air flights, the execution time can be adorned with several seconds.
The fields are sprinkled around the world, from Australia to the United States.
Each area has three short fields to reach record times.
You can also compare your own performance with other players.
Playing is not fun in principle.
Working is fun with the job.
Occasionally, a full carbon monoxide is driven, sometimes with their arts over obstacles, sometimes even stops automatically over moving levels.
Many times it is also taken in the pot as some sort of obstacle hits our driver in the moon.
That’s a joke, not in it.

But there are those minus side

The fields are not very diverse, although there is sometimes a slightly different obstacle than in the previous dawn.
There is no such great variation on a few elevators and chips and wood piles.
Fortunately, the dawn is short.
In addition, there is no challenge for any sort, as the journey to the next field always opens up, no matter how good or bad.
Here are some rotating obstacles in the dark.
Not very spectacular.
The controls are nicely simple.
There is gas, brake, tilted and a couple of yummy stunts are made in the air.
Although the output was released to Xbox One in 2019, it would be believed to be even older for its appearance.
There is nothing to pay attention to it, no special backgrounds, either the backgrounds of the paintings or the photos, the wheels themselves or anything else.
The most annoying whole is the challenge to identify where the terrain to be driven is.
Is that hillside cosmetic part of the terrain or front, or can it be driven?
Often, this is only done by trying and flying a helmet above the canvas.
As with PlayStation’s cheapest game, this time you can sum up the music side very briefly.


There was no musician in SpectRewoods, this time there is exactly one song, which is also heard only in the output name screen and the pause menu.
After that, no music is heard at all.
At all.
Instead, the ear cans mainly penetrate the bumps of the bikes and the occasional sound effects.
Not to the moon.
Good if a mile away.
Especially the sound of the wheel begins to irritate rapidly.
One particular thing is that the main menu does not seem to get back in any way.
Of course, there is a Main Menu button in the pause menu, as is the end of the end of the fields, but neither of these yummy do.
On the screen, some sort of announcement is half a piggy, but you can’t read that.
At the end of the field, the boxes are driven.
Field in the package.

Also, the Quick Resume function of Xbox Series consoles does not work, so you should experience the entire bike trip from start to finish at once.
Fortunately, the whole can only last more than an hour.
There is no re-play, no multiplayer, no reason to touch this output again.
But besides these nations, it must be noted that there is a company in Enduro World Rally.
Going is just about… Reasonable fun.
Just about the euro, but not more.
If the World Enduro Rally is really the best enduro-driven game, it means that there is no perfect title in the world in the world.
However, Trials is reported to be quite good two-wheeled games.
And if you need good Xbox games, play Death loop and Death Door.
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