The Wolf Among Us 2 Launch Delayed Until 2024 – Telltale Games

Telltale Games announced that the launch of the expected sequel to The Wolf Among Us will not happen for 2023. This is part of the efforts that the developer is carrying out to avoid the need for excessive working days in order to meet a pre-established date.
Jamie Title, general director of Telltale Games, explained in an interview with IG
more and the delivery of an incomplete game.

Creating games is difficult, you need time to do it well.

It does not benefit us in anything to launch something that is not ready.
The manager commented.
Title said that, like many other studies, Telltale Games faced several challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.
After being resurrected by LCG Entertainment in 2019, Telltale announced The Wolf Among Us 2 during the Game Awards of that year.
However, the study was at an early stage of restructuring, without sufficient employees, with the pre-production phase game and the goal of not using any material created previously.
While it was the best time to announce the sequel and ensure funds for the initiative, Attila admits that if he had known how the situation was going to put the pandemic, among other factors, he would not have made the same decision.


In spite of everything, The Wolf Among Us 2 is on the right track.
But, recently, the decision to change the graphic engine of Unreal Engine 4 to 5. Title commented that this happened, because Unreal 5, has many functions that their team, especially engineers and artists, think they are worth the
Penalty to use.
This led them to create from scratch again, a lot of content that was already ready with Unreal 4.
With all this in mind, Title says that there were two ways to meet the launch date of 2023. An option was to launch an unfinished product, and the second option was to lock himself to give the maximum effort without rest and extending the working days.

If we release this game and are not finished, they will destroy us.
The expectations are for the skies, and we want time to meet them, feel proud and think: It is the best game we could have made.
May the world think what he wants, but the important thing is that we know that at the moment, in these conditions, this is the best game we could have made, said Title.
I have worked with extended days and I do not want to do it again, it is not fair to ask your workers either.
You cannot have a business that depends on these conditions.
Part of the important thing is to maintain a healthy work culture.
We do not want to completely exhaust our people.
It was incredibly hiring employees during the last two years between COVID, the labor market and the growth of the video game industry.
So, overeating work is the wrong long-term decision.
Thus, companies are not built.
In this industry we do not realize, we exhaust people.
We ended the best employees much faster.
If we want to continue growing as an industry, this has to end.
We must stop doing it and make better decisions.
The director of Telltale said.
The Wolf Among Us 2 will be like its predecessor, a game with episodic releases but, unlike the original, it is developing completely before its launch.
So, when episode 1 is available, the rest will also be ready.
The title awaits a launch date for 2024 but, for those who cannot wait, Telltale has another game that will see the light this year developed in collaboration with Deck Nine Games: The Expense: a Telltale Series.
Not to mention a third video game that is known very little and found in early development stages.
Via: IGN
Editor’s note: Not everything is bad news, The Wolf Among Us went on the market in 2013. And if you are like me, you no longer remember in detail what the story was left, so this change of launch date can work perfect for
Review the original.
Nor does it hurt to read the Fable Comics to soak up this universe.