2 Million Players Celebrate Hi-Fi Rushs Surprise Success with Photo Mode Update

Hi-fi Rush is the shock hit of the still young year 2023. The game has actually now reached 2 million players and also the feedback to the video game is overwhelming.
That you can capture the enjoyable scenes also much better, an update was rolled out that adds an image setting to Hi-fi Rush.


So you can stop hi-fi rush at any time and also put Chai in position with his allies.
You can then modify the scene with a variety of structures, filters and camera effects.
In addition, the update brings with it some renovations.
The spot notes are right here.
Hi-fi rush patch-notes
This update hence solutions concerns some gamers may have bees experience:
Resolved Ue4 Fatal Error Brought On By a Details Shader Setting
Settled Ue4 Deadly Error Triggered by Sound Tool Enumerating Process
Fixed a Concern Where the Game Can Freeze During the Fight with the WA-E-2 (Samurai employer) in Track 10
Fixed an Issue Where Progress Could BE Obstructed in Track 10 Weaning Things From The Shop After Offering Roqueforts Phone, Exiting the Level, After That Refilling The Level.
Fixed to Issue Where the Player Can not Development During the 808 Battle in Track 12
Dealt with a bug where chip ports may not properly be mirrored in video game IF PLEASED IT from the store While having an in-progress save for rhythm tower, then loading the put on hold rhythm tower conserve and leaving the run.
Stick and also Trigger Dead Zone Computation Adjusted
Qa-1mils Assault Behave has been adjusted
Several Of Mimosas Dialogue Has Been Fixed (Spanish).
Fixed an issue where result data from rhythm tower would improperly influence result track Data When rhythm tower is played while a checkpoint save exists for a recurring track.
If players left the video game after autofl, Dealt with wrong results for the spectra rooms stop presented in the final outcomes.
When Using The Magnet Grapple, Fixed an Issue Where Gamers Might Get Stuck in Track 11 If They Were Hit by the Titan Robots Laser.
Taken care of a BUH where the gamer Might Remain to Play After Video Game Over Animation in Hakka Fight.
Repaired the Issue When After Taking Damage Throughout the Hakka Battle at Certain Timings Or after the Game Over Sequence, The Player is Able to Move Chai.
Readjusted an icon in the training area menu that can show up squeezed.
Adjusted Hold Chai Sp Strike Movement So Chief Hand Doesn’t Look Super Weird.
Adjusted Screen During Time Out Menu Change to Prevent Visual Bugs.

  • Readjusted Sure Consequences of the Rhythm Parry Assault for Clearness.
    When transitioning to cutscene, Readjusted the background During the Fight with Hakka to eliminate visual pest.
  • Game Over Explanation for Recommending Auto-Action Adjusted to Not Appear in Unacceptable scenario.
  • Tracks 3 and also 4: Santos Programmers Wage Adjusted for Inflation.