Final Fantasy 16: Release Date, PC Version Coming Soon!

With Final Fantasy 16 coming quickly to PS5, lots of players are wondering if RPG will be usable on the computer.
That there are no doubts, the solution is of course.
The video game will be special to PlayStation for a while.
The FFI Press Scenic tour has actually pertained to the info and also an end starts to circulate in all directions, Naomi Yeshiva made use of the different interviews to talk concerning the release of the PC game and also finish the rumors.

No PC launch after the PS5 unique?

It was in an interview with PlayStation Blog that Naomi Yeshiva, supervisor of the game, intended to make it clear about the release of the computer video game, as clarified in his message It is true that FF16 will have a special period of 6 months on PS5, yet is an additional tale
To say that the game will certainly be released on the PC as quickly as these 6 months more than.
I will certainly be clear, the computer variation will not be launched 6 months after the PS5 variation.
We can not be lighter than that, followers of the collection that are awaiting the game on the PC will need to wait a little longer prior to expecting to play in the video game.
Ship still wished to describe why as well as how.
This is since we really take a great deal of time to maximize the PS5 variation to make sure the most effective experience feasible.
Naturally I would like to release the video game on the computer and also as many players as possible can enjoy it.
He adds that it will certainly take longer to optimize the PC variation as well as that, so it will certainly be essential to have persistence.

If we begin optimizing the PC video game, also after the launch of the PS5, we will certainly never have time to complete in 6 months, which is why it will not be released in such a short time.


I would like to launch it eventually, but we are not at the factor where I can claim when.