As a sign of gratitude, Ankama offers a free booster, gifts and activities for all Wakfu fans!Celebrate Wakfus 11th Anniversary with Free Booster, Gifts, and Activities

Ankara games age, however constantly hold bench!
Wake hence calmly celebrates its l Ltd wedding anniversary, which does not renew anybody, particularly for those according to the task because its very first Beta.

Wake: Require uses cost-free booster as well as some shocks for the eleventh birthday

February 28 will see the 11th anniversary of the MMO constantly under the lumber of his large sibling.
This one has been particularly well impaired in recent years to pass in front, and also managed to maintain a lovely community.


Between balancing, antique zones, an F2P design and a much better-framed development, whatever seems to ride for Wake.
Better still, he will also have his own single-compartment web servers in the end of 2023!
To celebrate all this activity, an occasion will occur on the beta.
From this Tuesday, March 16 until March 3, an anomaly will show up in Scrub.

Its location is unknown, however should be connected to a small timeless content logically.

An acquainted as well as a cost-free booster we inform you!

It is not all.
2 gifts can be discovered in store currently.
The initial is a simple ward (a particular beauty just the same) and also the various other.
This 2nd is a bit more unique, since the neighborhood was proposed, even winning greater than 500 retweets.
Accessibility to the Funds Fund |
Go out with the familiar
For those that were not complied with, the Wake store has undertaken a huge overhaul.
She salt on Lankama Launcher and provides a more brand-new interface.
All active accounts will certainly profit from a complimentary booster for 3 days, from Friday, March 3:4 p.m. up until Monday, March 6:4 p.m. You will certainly gain some increases on the drop, experience as well as additionally lances to the hero system.