Atomic Heart Update Leaves Fans Wondering Why Preloading Was Even an Option | 67GB Download PSA

A search of the Xbox Collection X Subreddit (opens in new tab) reveals lots of disappointed followers that’ve sat down to finally dive in only to be fulfilled with another mammoth download that can take an additional hr or even more. One Reddit individual summarized the situation quite well: Why did I bother pre-downloading this? Numerous have actually concurred with the comment, with one individual including in the very same thread: 67 GB download is way too much even for a respectable web connection!

Complying with the release of Atomic Heart today, brand-new players are feeling a touch of anticlimax as they try to jump in as well as play the video game, especially those that went to the initiative of preloading the video game in advance of launch. If you didn’t recognize, players have had the ability to prep Sunfish’s FPS since February 19 on Xbox as well as PlayStation (but not COMPUTER), but it hasn’t done them much excellent.

It’s a comparable story over on Twitter, with a number of Xbox players sharing screenshots of the large ol’ upgrade in disbelief. What is that 67 GB ‘update’ regarding? That’s like re-downloading the Entire Game ?! one Twitter user said, sharing an image of their Xbox console chugging together with a 71-minute download. This is additionally the case with Atomic Heart on Xbox Game Pass– there is no retreat.

Gamers have actually faced a 67 GB Atomic Heart upgrade that’s required as quickly as you start up the game for the initial time– also if you preloaded it beforehand.


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It’s not too peculiar for a video game like this to call for a day-one upgrade, yet we almost never see patches of this dimension. When God of Battle Ragnarök was launched, it asked players to download a 745 MB patch that dealt with over 150 pests. The same can be claimed for Red Dead Redemption 2’s the first day update, which needed simply 3 GB of room as well as made a number of last minute insects, tweaks, and solutions.