Find the Crossbow and Bolt in Sons of the Forest – All You Need to Know

You can discover a crossbow in Kids of the Forest that is very useful in the battle versus the invasive neighbors.
Below you will certainly locate all the information as well as info on just how to discover the weapon and crossbow screws.
Where can I discover the crossbow?
For the tool you already need a certain progression in the video game.
The cavern with the crossbow can be gone into from the beginning, but you require the maintenance Key card/ upkeep crucial card to get involved in the right area.
For this key card you require the shovel, which is not fairly as easy to obtain: Sons of the Forest: Schaefer Find-this is exactly how you get the crucial progression product.
You can discover 2 maps here: one with the place of the crossbow cave as well as one with the key card place.
Right here is the map for the crossbow:
Where can I discover the maintenance crucial card?
The location is presented on your general practitioner device as a blinking eco-friendly dot:
Check out the soil at this location.
You will find locations here for digging and also will certainly find a bunker.
Analyze the underground facility and also in a living location you will certainly discover the key card on the work desk.
Have a look about, there is a lot to loot down here-such as the fire brigade ax.


  • Figure out right here which weapons you can still discover.
    Where can I locate crossbow bolts?
    At the minute you only get the ammunition for the crossbow when robbery, you can not make the bolts.
    Be economical with the strong tool, also if it is hard.

Children of the Forest remains in very early accessibility and also the programmers specify that they bring extra recipes and more items into play over time.
This may additionally include the bolts.
Always select up among the screws, must Kelvin fall in your back: Kelvin was just the hero in Sons of the Forest-but players now suggest: Don’t trust him!