Valentines Day Discord Events Guide: The Tears of Themis Strangle Them All!

The tears of Themes strangle them all !!
This is an event for Valentine’s Day, which takes place from February 11, 2023, to February 24, 2023, and is open to all lawyers.
This event takes place on the official Discord channel Tears of Themes, and rewards are distributed in distribution format.

How to join Tears of Themes Chico Them All !!

Discord event
Join the official Tears of Themes Discord server and go to the Choco-Innstructions channel.
You will see a message from Davis with an invitation to play in the event and start the buttons and the shocked.
When you press the Start button, the round will begin, and Choose will show all the illustrations you collected.
When starting, a small clue will appear from Davis, in which you will be asked to answer a number of questions related to the ingredients for the preparation of chocolate.
Each of your answer will lead to a certain illustration, and your goal is to collect them all.


Follow the dialogue branches below to get all the illustrations and complete the Choose.
A lot of
Logic-Marius ~ Lily Dada ~
Sympathy-Marius ~ on the way ~
Intuition-Marius ~ coffee break ~
A little
Logik-Luke ~ always wanted a snowman ~
Sympathy-hatch ~ hot days Mango ~
Intuition-hatch ~ bursts balls ~
A lot of
Logic-VIN ~ Lovely Po queers ~
Sympathy-Vin ~ Late is prohibited ~
Intuition-Vin ~ Crushing Tempura ~
A little
Logic-Artem ~ Marry in a circle ~
Sympathy-Artem ~ take from books ~
Intuition-Artem ~ Ready for a date? ~
You can publish your results and Choose on the #Choco-Them-ll channel.
The tears of Themes will collect 20 lucky ones who participated in the event and won 200 s-chips each.
Most likely, they will contact the participants via Discord, so keep your personal messages open to communication with Davis.
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