Controlled Playing: Was Union Berlins Aissa Laidouni Guilty of Offside Rule Infraction? – Referee Daniel Schlager and RB Leipzigs Marco Rose Discuss the Outcome of the Revoked Goal to 2-2 of the Leipzig

Yusuf Paulsen’s objective to 2-2 of the Leipzig in the 1-2 defeat against Union Berlin was revoked due to an offside position by Time Werner, although before that Union Aisha Laid uni was on the ball.
The midfielder had actually played a high ball behind his back with the hoe.
For FIFA-referee Daniel Sch lager, formerly even at a higher junior level as a footballer, it sought intervention by Var Tobias Rachel and his own video research study in the evaluation area No controlled playing of the ball.
Only after a controlled, purposeful action by the opponent-this additive, the rule interpretation of the intentional play, in the summer of 2022, did not penalize an offside position from the rule 11 is.
Whether the controlled action fails and then looks unrestrained as in the case of Landon or not, it didn’t matter.
On the subject of clarification of the guidelines for the difference in between purposeful action and deflected ball, the worldwide, overarching rule authority IFA composed circular No. 26 of July 27, 2022.
This states in the German variation, to name a few things: If the passport, the effort to get in the ball, or the liberation from the player who could manage the ball under control or fails, this does not change that the
Gamer played the ball ‘intentionally’.
He wants to clarify the ball with his hoe, Rose likewise advocated making an incorrect decision with a view to Landon’s skills as a Bundesliga professional and Tunisian international.
Even if, in addition to Sch lager, Union fitness instructor Urs Fischer also held versus it and saw an uncontrolled movement, the large majority of the requirements specially composed for such cases support Roses view.
Landon was unrestrained, not in a battle, likewise not cleared the ball outside the penalty location with colleagues in the back in a defense campaign in highest need and did not reject the ball, which altered its instructions clearly.
All of these remain in a DFB paper from the summer of 2022 requirements for controlled playing.
The following requirements from the IFA circular 26 are also fulfilled: The gamer had a clear view of the ball and time to collaborate his body motions.

chief saucy is not rather sure

Nevertheless, referee employer Lutz Michael Fröhlich likewise remained in conversation with the on Sunday, to be assessed by Sch lager’s decision.
The 65-year-old likewise stated that he understands all arguments in this case.


Apparently it is obviously not very specific with his examination, due to the fact that he will discuss this special scene, which is hardly equivalent to those accountable for other associations, such as the English, and on the UEFA referee Symposium in March
put up for conversation.
Overall, the present design requirements of this rule do not represent the sense of the game due to the fact that they lead to more offside positions without requirement and therefore avoid more goals.
In addition, the changes were not communicated properly by the IFA last summer season, there were supplements and thus different German formulations in DFB and IFA documents.
This did not make it simpler for the referees, and a consistent line and handling is still to be anticipated from the Bundesliga referees.