Sebastian Sallow: Exploring the Hogwarts Heritage with Slytherins Charming Wholesaler

Sebastian Sallow is a student of the Slytherin faculty, who has a quest line of the Hogwarts inheritance line.
He has a charming, optimistic and bold character.
Possessing great knowledge about dark arts, he continues to expand them in the hope that once he will be able to find a medicine for his twin sister Ann Sallow, who suffers from a weakening and painful curse.
The line of relations sebastian sallow consists of 12 quests, 4 of which are the main ones, and the remaining 8 are side effects.
The line of relations is a series of quests that allow you to interact with a specific character, make friends with him, find out his stories and earn points and various awards after the performance of quests.
After completing the line of relations, along with the awards that you receive for each task, you also get a trophy of achievements.
There are three such trophies in Hogwarts’s Heritage.
The yellow grave of the bronze trophy obtained after the line of relations sebastian sallow.

chain of tasks Sebastian Sallow

Sebastian will teach you a lot during his quest chain, including three unforgivable curses.
If you want to start the path of evil in Hogwarts Legacy, then friendship with Sebastian will help you when it intervenes in dark arts.
Below are quests in the line of Relations of Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts’s Heritage.

in the shade of the dungeon

This is 21u.
The main quest in Hogwarts Legacy, where Sebastian leads you to the secret room.
To access this quest, you should be at the level 8.
As a reward for the implementation of this quest, Sebastian teaches you a confiding explosive spell.

in the shade of the estate

This is the 27th main quest in Hogwarts Legacy, for which you will receive 260 experience points.
In this quest, you have to go to Foledcroft with Sebastian and meet his uncle and sister.
You must continue to look for tips until you find a runic diagram.
To unlock this quest, level 15 is required.

in the shadow of the genealogy

This is a side quest in the line of Relations of Sebastian, the action of which takes place in the large hall of the Hogwarts Castle.


In this quest you just need to talk with Sebastian.
Keep in mind that you can unlock this quest only if you completed the first two of the above-mentioned main quest.

in the shadow of the office

This is another side quest, but it is special, since you can study one of the unforgivable curses, the curse of Calculus, in this quest along with 180 points of experience.
To unlock this quest, you must perform the aforementioned quests, as well as the main quest High Fortress.
This quest takes place in the Slytherin dungeon, where you should help Sebastian find the Slytherin scriptorium.

in the shadow of the opening

This is a side quest in Undercoat, where you need to talk with Sebastian about the book that you found in the last quest.
Sebastian sends you an invitation to this quest at OWL Post, and you can get access to it after the end of the previous quests.

in the shadow of time

This is the next side quest in the quest line of Sebastian.
A letter from Sebastian comes to your Council of mail regarding this quest after you completed the previous ones, as well as the task of Professor Weasley.
In this quest, Sebastian teaches you another unforgivable curse, Imperil.
After this quest is completed, you will also earn 180 experience points.

in the shade of distance

This is another side quest located in Under croft.
This is quite simple, since you just need to go and talk with Sebastian.

in my shade

This is the 36th main quest in the line of Relations of Sebastian, for which you will receive 260 experiments.
You can access this quest after completing the assignment of Professor Weasley, and then you can help Sebastian find a runic symbol in the review mine.

in the shade of the mountain

This is 41ul.
The main quest and the last in the quest chain of Sebastian Sallow.
You will receive an invitation from the OWL Post for this quest after passing Name Fitzgerald’s Trial.
You must help Sebastian find the last part of the triptych, and in return you will get 260 experience points.

in the shade of relic

This is a side quest that Minis Got gives, but it is considered part of the Sebastian quests chain, because he teaches you Arvada Cedar cord in this quest.
To unlock this quest, perform previous quests, the quest In the Shadow of Hope and the main quest Loudness of Look.
This quest takes place in the catacombs of Maladroit, and after completing you get 180 XP along with a murderous curse.

in the shadow of fate

This is another side quest in which you meet Sebastian in the basement.
To gain access to this quest, complete the previous quests and wait some time after the end of the last quest.

in the shadow of friendship

This is the last side quest in this chain of quests, which is available after the completion of the last main quest Hogwarts Heritage.
Performing this quest, you get 180 XP, and the person you will find in this quest depends on your decision in the previous quest about the arrest of Sebastian.