| NFL: Why the Chiefs Have the Best Chances for a Super Bowl Victory

The very best offensive in the league, a trainer fox on the sidelines-and the current finest quarterback of the NFL.
There are numerous reasons that promote a Super Bowl success of the Kansas City Chiefs about superstars Patrick Mahomes.
He is presently the best in his field.
And he acts in the most important position in football.
With Patrick Mahomes in your ranks you play for the title every year.
At the Super Bowl LVII, there is therefore no chance around the Kansas City Chiefs.
The trophy goes to Missouri.

Because what Mahomes did en route to the Super Bowl is impressive-and has brought him his second MVP title of the season.
What was only a matter of type in view of 5250 passing lawns and 42 touchdowns (both league maximum) with just 12 interceptions.

offensive the showpiece of the chiefs

The fast and maneuverable quarterback regularly surprises fans, colleagues and challengers with amazing moves.
Like barely in another, it also creates an operating team.
And then Mahomes understands a strong team behind him.
A great impression of how strong the cohesion is, everyone got in mind at the Conference last when Mahomes was very restricted due to an ankle injury in his actions.
No chiefs fan needs to fret about your own offensive.
It is by far the finest in the NFL.
The masterpiece.


61 touchdowns, many of the season, speak a clear language.
And the team was also at the leading edge with the conquered lawns (7032), lawns per video game (413.65) and average points (29.18).
These values decreased a bit in the playoffs, but that shouldn’t be a reason for issue.

congenial duo in Kansas

Dearest playing station from the superstar is the exceptional Tight End Travis Hence, who understood how to shine with 112 caught passes for 1338 lawns and 12 touchdowns.
Versus the finest and probably the hardest defense of the NFL, the congenial duo can now show that they can make the difference.
A great portion of extra motivation.
Of course, they are dependent on support.
The departure of star receiver Tyree Hill to Miami still hurts.
However, the chiefs have other strong pas receivers with the pass receivers Just Smith-Schuster and Darius Money, who are not one of the huge superstars, but make the attack game more to be out of balance.
Method: more play stations for Mahomes.
And of course more area for Hence.
The defensive is most likely to fret a little more, which was only mediocre in the season and revealed some powerlessness.
Against the offensive of the Eagles, the defensive line around Chris Jones, who wound up in 3rd place in the election as the very best protective player of the year, will be in 3rd place to put pressure on Eagles-Quarterback Galen Harms to prevent brief passes.
At the very same time, the strong running game, the running video game, needs to be avoided by the most total group in the league.
A mammoth task.

coach Andy Reid has shaped a leading group

The chiefs are experienced enough to concentrate on the basics in the crucial moments.
The team has actually been completely right in the Super Bowl for the 3rd time in the previous 4 years.
In 2020, they won the trophy, in 2021 it was beat against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers around Tom Brady.
In the previous year, only one round ahead of time was over.
Another very important component is on the edge of the field: coach Andy Reid.
Since 2013, the 64-year-old, who previously cared for the Eagles for 13 years, has actually been the boss at the Chiefs.
He formed the stumbling franchise with meticulousness and imagination into a title candidate and playoff duration guest.
Reid is a hard employee and is considered the mastermind behind the magnificent offensive of the chiefs.
Innovative relocations belong to his trademark-and if something shouldn’t work, he has the best piece of the puzzle with Magic-Mahomes.
He is one action ahead. He plays chess outside, he constantly depends on 3 or four actions in the hindquarters, which makes the defense, Hence highlighted the qualities of his quarterback.
The chess game against the Eagles will be the next work of art of the chiefs.
The saying Often Wins Games, Defense Wins Championships can not change that.
The offensive dominates this year.
Phillip Oldenburg