The 10 Best Wonderkids in Football Manager 23: From Promising to Prodigio

The launch of the new Football Manager title every year gives you the opportunity to sign the best world in the game, and Football Manager 23 is no different.
It is possible that some are known in the world of football, while others expect the game to give them the platform to become famous in real life.
The main criterion to be part of the list is to be 21 years or less and show an undeniable promise.
However, some are better than others, which is why we have classified the 10 best WUNDERKINDS in Football Manager 23 of promising young man to budding legend.


Youssef Mouton
Image credit: interactive sports
Club: Borussia Dortmund
Value: £ 35-45 million
Position: St.
Mouton can be used mainly as a striker, but with a little positional training, he can be left behind to play anywhere behind the striker, as a left, extreme right and central offensive midfield.
One of the many players over the years that has gone through the world-famous Borussia Dortmund Academy, its potential is through the clouds.
A player who was breaking goals in real life in youth football is now part of Dortmund’s first team.
With statistics such as 16 dribbles, 16 auctions, 16 accelerations and 16 techniques, in addition to being only 17 years old, it is one of the players you must buy as soon as your first save.
During the first season, you can yield to Mouton with a purchase option included in the assignment contract whenever you are in a club with a decent level.
If you want a striker to easily score 20 goals per season and have the ability to be a five-star player, Mouton is an excellent option.


Image credit: interactive sports
Club: As Monaco
Value: 19.5-26 million pounds sterling
Position: RB/RWB
The world-class Wonder kid Full Backs do not appear too frequently, but within this list we have two.
The first is the young Brazilian Anderson, who is exercising his trade in As Monaco.
Anderson, the oldest player on the list with 21 years, barely hints, but a low price range and amazing attributes show that he is definitely one to add to his exploration network.
With 14 crosses, 14 dribbles, 14 techniques, 13 styles and 14 rhythms, Anderson is a coffee of the new era with attributes that fit perfectly to be the completely attacker defense.
If you have £20 million or more available and are managing a team that plays at least in the Europa League, then Anderson should be cutting the right side for you.


Rasmus Holland
Image credit: interactive sports
Club: Atalanta
Value: 14.5-17.5 million pounds sterling
Position: St.
A 191 cm Danish striker with 15 shots, 15 jumps, 13 outside the ball, 14 force and 15 rhythm, Rasmus Holland occupies the number eight position.
The 19-year-old Striker made the great leap of the Danish football to Italian, and is easily one of the 10 best Wonder kids to sign on Football Manager 23.
Having ascended in the Danish Super League classification, Holland is sweeping the real world for Atalanta and can do the same in the game.
With only £14.5-17.5 million, it is also an absolute theft of a player in his position.
It can be difficult in the first season to acquire your services, but two or three seasons later will be easy to get and will serve as a completely established first team that everyone will want a part.


Andreas Schjelderoup
Image credit: interactive sports
Club: FC Nordsjaelland
Value: £6.2-7.8 million
Position: ST/LAW
The Norwegians are conquering the world at this time, with Erlang Haaland and Martin Regard as two of the most prominent of the game this year.
However, there is another Norwegian to whom you should aim to sign: Andreas Schjelderup, an 18-year-old wonder kid who dresses for the Danish FC Nordsjælland.
A skilled end that can also play in the middle, is the perfect player to sign for any team that fights for a place in Europe.
He is also a player who is open to sign for almost any great European team, and since he has a five-star potential and the personality of a model citizen, it could be a force for more than 10 years.
This adds to its 16 technique, 16 vision, 15 style, 16 bargain and 14 rhythm.
With these attributes that will improve over the years, it is a must for approximately 7 million, and most people can make that treatment happen without damaging their finances too much.


Gabriel Cloning
Image credit: interactive sports
Club: Chicago Fire (ceded by Chelsea)
Value: £ 23-35 million
Position: goalkeeper

The goalkeepers are usually forgotten on the lists of the best Wonder kids, since everyone wants a striker who marks the goals.
But there is no way that I can leave Gabriel Cloning out of this list.
Recently signed in real life by Chelsea from Chicago Fire, they considered it appropriate to lend it directly to help their development.

This caused the giant of a 194 cm goalkeeper with 17 jump range, 18 determination, 15 anticipation and 14 reflexes was a real robbery for only £8 million.
Just signed by Chelsea, buying it is immediately out of discussion.
And yet, if I had to wait for his loan to Chicago to come to an end, then he could make the leap very easily.
When the second season arrives, he will be 19 years old, and he will have had a year of experience in the first Chicago team, which means that he could easily enter as a very strong support or even as a rival for the number 1. Chelsea already has guardians
Decent at all levels too, so within two or three seasons it is possible that you can acquire it for only £30 million.


Giorgio Scaling
Image credit: interactive sports
Club: Atalanta
Value: £ 25-32 million
Position: BC/MDL
Italy and the world-class Backs Center go hand in hand like cheese and wine.
Scaling is the next player to take the mantle of a world-class central defense for Italy, following the steps of players such as Paolo Molding, Franco Bears and Fabio Cinnabar.
After ascending in the ranks of Brescia and then signing for the Atalanta with only 10 years, Scaling has been promoted as a player to follow for years.
A central defense that can also play in the middle of the field and with attributes such as 14 positioning, 14 table, 16 determination and 13 composure, you definitely love this young Italian in your team.
After having begun a salvation of Atalanta, Scaling jumps almost immediately to all the other defenders most experienced by a starting position in the back.
However, if you have not begun to save with Atalanta, you can acquire the services of Scaling for only £30 million.
With a potential of four to five stars, the investment is worth it.


Dog destination
Image credit: interactive sports
Club: Chinese (assigned by Tottenham Hotspur)
Value: £ 44-55 million
Position: LB/LWB
Destiny Dogie is the only left side that is on the list, and is completely understandable why.
With only 19 years, he is a perfectionist with 16 rhythms, 16 accelerations, 14 dribbles, 12 entries and 15 work rhythms.
When you combine all this, you get a Wonder kid Left Back like no other.
Start in Chinese in the game, but is ceded by Tottenham Hotspur, so, unless you begin with Chinese or Tottenham, it will be difficult to use it during the first two seasons.
Another thing that prevents him from occupying a place in the top three is mainly due to its price.
Although it is valued at 44-55 million pounds, I know that you may have to offer up to 80 million pounds sterling to be part of your team.
Even then, you will have to be driving one of the fat fish, or being some seasons and winning the league with the helpless side to pay it.
However, it has a five-star potential, so it is worth running the risk of this effort if it means catching one of the few left-class side of world-class from the beginning.


Jude Bellingham
Image credit: interactive sports
Club: Borussia Dortmund
Value: £ 105-123 million
Position: MC
All players on this list are almost immediately affordable, except Jude Bellingham.
A member of the first well established team for Borussia Dortmund and head of the National Team of England, Bellingham is a Wonderkid.
With attributes such as 16 first touch, 16 technique, 20 determination, 17 work rhythm, 18 courage and 16 resistance, is the world-class central midfielder perfect for most teams.
A five-star potential in addition to these attributes is the reason why I should aim to sign Bellingham as soon as possible.


However, it is only located in number three due to its incredible price range compared to all other players on the list.
You are seeing an investment of at least £105 million, and that is whether you perfectly calculate its acquisition.


Antonio Silva
Image credit: interactive sports
Club: Benefice
Value: £19.5-25 million
Position: BC
If you are playing Football Manager 23 at this time, to Antonio Silva immediately.

It is a central defense that plays with the ball and also has the attributes available to be located in the central midfield and dictate the game from that position.
With the ability to play in any team that is competing in European places, the Portuguese player is an ideal choice for anyone who seeks to occupy any of these positions with the best possible player.
Without a doubt, it can be expensive for an 18-year-old central defense.
But with 14 vision, 14 table, 14 passes and 15 composure, he would not be wasting his money.
Two seasons in the first football team and could easily be the best central defense of the game.
If you are running a team in the Champions League in your first season, you would advise you to invest in Silva and then lend it to a team in the Europa League so that its development does not fail.


Image credit: interactive sports
Club: Cameras
Value: £ 12-15.5 million
Position: St.
Hendrick easily leads the place as the best Wonder kid in Football Manager 23.
It may be the front room of the list, but it is 100% in whom you should put all your finances.
The others are all fantastic players, but with only 15 years, it is at least two years younger than all on the list with attributes to rival them.
With 13 finishes, 13 techniques, 18 styles and 13 rhythms, Hendrick is basically as a character code character for the game.
He has already signed for Real Madrid in real life from the Brazilian cameras, but having not officially incorporated until July 2024, he still has two games left to be able to sign it cheap.
In addition, with a value of £ 12-15.5 million, it should be able to acquire it for around 20 million since the beginning of the first season.
Without a doubt, he will hit the goals almost as soon as you catch it.
If you are new in the Football Manager franchise, use this list the best you can.
The values and attributes of the players can differ from one game to another, but that is where the fun to explore comes into play.
Regardless, these are the 10 best Wonder kids of Football Manager 23.
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