Discover the Hidden Treasures of Hogwarts Castle with Hogwarts Legacy | Secret Camp Quest

In addition to the primary objective, Hogwarts Tradition also has a lot of side quests to use.
With among them, you get a treasure map of your classmate Arthur to point out a treasure in the castle.
The only problem is that the card does not tape-record a clear method, but provides you orientation points.
We will follow her and concern the treasure, you can read here.
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the very first orientation point

The first orientation point is the skeleton of a rhino.
When you take a trip over the card, the simplest method is to discover it.
Choose the Astronomy Tower and there is the Tower of Defense’s quick travel station against the dark arts.
The stairs go down 2 flooring, and you will discover the rhino in front of you when you have arrived there.

the second orientation point

From the rhino skeleton you take the stairs down and go straight through the door straight into the turn.
You can select the fast travel station Metro at the Astronomy Tower.
Then turn left and walk through the door behind the large tree in the yard (see image above.).

the 3rd place of orientation and the treasure.


The door leads you into the Normally.

Here you go directly ahead and after that rely on the right to go up the stairs.
On the 2nd stair paragraph you will find the painting that is the last orientation point.
To get the treasure behind the painting now, you need to apply action to the image.
It opens and offers you the way to your chest behind it.
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You get this benefit: Obviously, your entire treasure hunt ought to not have been for nothing.
A new clothing in the treasure chest awaits you as a benefit: the light historian uniform.
It does not alter your values, but you can adjust your appearance with it.
To do this, you just need to go to Change look in the menu under Equipment and you can develop it there.