Discover Claire Bomonts Tragic Story in Hogwarts Legacy – Is It Worth Saying Her Brother is Dead?


Hogwarts Legacy is filled with interesting characters with no less interesting side quests.
Claire Moment is one of these characters.
Her brother disappeared, and she needs your help to find him.
Tragically, the story ends when you find out that her brother is dead.
You have the opportunity to hide this information from her or tell her about its tragic end, but is it worth it?
How does the result affect history, and does it have any long-term consequences for you?
If you are interested, continue to read.

How to go through the quest Brothers Keeper in Hogwarts Legacy

The Guardian brothers actually begin in the Upper Hogs field, north of Hogs mid, after a conversation with Dorothy consumers.
She is worried about her brother Claire Moment, Adolf, and it is she who instructs you to find him.
At the first stage, the Dorothy quest will send you to talk with Claire nearby.
Claire will tell you where Adolf went, and about a special scarf, which he wears, thanks to which it is easy to distinguish from anyone else.
After that, Claire celebrates this place on your map.
Follow the marker to the human camp, now teeming with inferior, and defeat all inferior there with fiery magic.
This is the only way to harm them at the initial stage, so make sure that you have Intention or Covering.
Having fried all the inferior, including one, which wears exactly the scarf that Claire mentioned before your invasion, you will learn from a note in the camp that Adolf studied dark magic to protect his sister.

It follows that something went wrong, and all the people who once inhabited the camp were zombified, an equivalent magical world, turning them all into inferior.
With this information, return to the Claire in the Upper Hogs field and talk to her.
Here you have a choice: to inform her that her brother is dead, or to lie about his death.
If you decide to inform her of this, she will burst out with woeful sobs.
If you lie down, she was distraught due to his decision to join the Enhancers.
In any case, the choice does not affect you from the point of view of the plot or gameplay.
It can still be used as a seller, and this choice does not have a tangible effect on anything else in the game.
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