2022 Year in Review: WoW and Guild Wars 2 Celebrate Great Success, Lost Ark Celebrates First Birthday and Throne and Liberty to be Released in 2023

The big gaming companies have actually released their quarterly figures for the fourth quarter of 2022 and thus for the entire in 2015.
The developments are particularly favorable at WoW and Guild Wars 2. However, a lot has taken place once again with other MMORPGs this week.
We recall at the most essential news of the week.
The highlights of the week:
Guild Wars 2 attained sales of 93 billion WON this year (about 69 million euros).
This has been the greatest value because 2015 in which the first of the 3 previous add-ons appeared (through NCS OFT).
The MMORPG likewise tripled its number of gamers.
Blizzard ought to likewise be pleased, since WoW Dragon Flight holds more players than the last extensions.


  • Mango author Kevin Nielsen wrote a post on our Foxglove project.
    In it, he describes how the MMORPGs WoW and SW TOR provided both his private and his professional happiness.
    The enjoyment of the week: The Twitch banner Tectonic mistakenly shared the topic of an email, according to which he received $35,000 for playing Lost Ark. Since they would make enough, this is critically talked about and some viewers are now calling up not to support big streamers with memberships and contributions.
    The conversation of the week: Dragon Flight might hold more players on the one hand, but on the other hand, fewer players are also going back to the start of Dragon Flight.
    Corbyn composed a special about the existing scenario:
    The week in the podcast: Alexander Latch and Mark Seller are talking about the most important news about MMORPGs in the Podcast MMO News this week.
    Topics consisted of that of the RAID scandal in Final Fantasy XIV, the anniversary in Lost Ark and the MMORPG Quin fall, which simply sounds too great on paper.
    Here you can listen to the episode on Spotify:

wow got rid of feature that nobody wanted

This occurred with the large MMORPGs:
WOW revealed the setting of a feature that gamers laughed at 7 years earlier.
In addition, there is presently a bug in the auction home that Corbyn costs thousands of gold every day.
A curious story also focuses on a 19-year-old, white item, which is all of a sudden worth countless gold.
A popular, unofficial function was switched off in Final Dream XIV because 2 gamers argued.
The demolition of your houses was likewise shut down due to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria (by means of FFI).

  • Lost Ark commemorates his very first birthday in the west.
    In keeping with this, there is now a success for the players who have logged in on each of the 365 days.
    Our author Mark Seller likewise summarizes how his first year with Lost Ark ran: Lost Ark really annoyed me after 4 months-1 year later I love it all the more.
  • We talked to creative director Rich Lambert about the new ESO growth, and he explained to us what makes the brand-new class so unique.
    In addition, our author Kelli explained in a column why 2023 will be terrific for ESO.
  • Guild Wars 2 has actually held a detailed sneak peek livestream for the upcoming balance upgrade (via Twitch).
    The spot will be launched on February 14th.
    This occurred with the little MMORPGs:
  • New World has actually released the ranking lists for PVP, but likewise EVE material.
  • Eve Online evaluates the application of Excel tables in a beta and hence makes a meme real.
  • Acreage Unchained launched new Clean slate server on Thursday (by means of Acreage).
  • The Waged Chronicles, the Afro Dream MMORPG from Germany, arranges a brand-new test in March.
    Here you can use via a Google document.
  • Chimera land, the MMORPG with the crazy character editor, has released a new dinosaur continent and brand-new family pets (by means of Massively op).
  • SW TOR has brought the brand-new spot 7.2.1 to the test servers.
    The big emphasis is the brand-new 64-bit client (via SW TOR).
  • Gloria Victim celebrated his release on Steam and was able to announce the number of gamers.
    The video game had the peak on February 11th with 3,243 players (by means of Steam db).
  • Throne and Liberty is still planned for the first half of 2023.
    This was exposed by the NCS OFT designers in their call to the quarterly report.
    Here you can see the latest trailer once again:
    This occurred in development at the MMORPGs:
  • Reign of Guilds is a traditional MMORPG with membership model.
    In fact, it was expected to appear at the end of 2022, now an open play test took place.
    These are summary of the MMORPG news of the week.
    What was your individual highlight?
    Have you experienced something intriguing today that you wish to inform?
    Or have we perhaps forgot something important?
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