Jaggernaut John Madden Football: The Best Collection of Games in Madden 23 – Offensive and Defensive Strategies

Since he first appeared on our screens in 1988, nothing could stop Juggernaut John Madden Football.
Perhaps over the years he has changed in appearance and style, but what Madden holds at the top is his devotion to accuracy and a clear love for football, which manifests itself in statistics, games and a common sense of games.
Although each player brings his own style to the game, in each iteration, certain teams and collections of games rise to the top of the lists of popularity.
Below we will discuss the best collections of games in Madden 23 both for attack and protection.

The best offensive collections in Madden 23

In the attack, depending on your game style, there are three clear options for the crown of the best offensive collection of games in Madden 23:
Patriots of New England: If you want to play in a balanced attack, pay attention to the collection of Patriots Belie plays.
This is mistaken in running most of the time, but there are many opportunities for large games thanks to a strong list of passes playfully.
You will need two universal Tight Ends to force him to work with pleasure, but they can also get good meters with fast transmission.
Kansas-City Chiefs: It is not surprising that the best passing textbook is in the hands of a serial applicant for MVP Patrick Mahums.
You get many options and RPO, but there are also creative races.
You will often find yourself a passage of a pass on short, medium and deep distances.


  • Baltimore Ravens: This is the most funny that you will get in the game, in the center of which the double threat of Lama Jackson.
    If you have midfielders that you can rely on CQB BLAST can be destructive for a running defender.
    But in order to keep their opponents in suspense, there are many excellent ration games, such as passages in Play Actions and tilting with a narrow end.

The best defensive collections in Madden 23

With the defensive side of the ball, everything is not so clear: six collections of games offer excellent options to hold these glasses overboard:
Alternative 46: This is a great protection for the game against severe violations.
This is a very customizable game scheme with strong throws that can be very effective with quick midfielders.
But it is also effective when running.
Baltimore Ravens: If you like the formation of a penny, check the Big Dime 1-4-6 from the collection of Ravens games.

If your defense tends to be at the top, it is a lot of blitz-games to wear them, for example, the popular Nickel 3-3-5 Cub.
Chicago bears: If you are looking for stopping the run and blitz QB, look at the beggar protection scheme.
The same applies to players who are looking for a good package of protection 4-3.
Big Nickel is an excellent station wagon, and Even 6-1 will see your OLD call chaos.
Kansas-City Chiefs: Many people believe that this is the best protection scheme in Madden 23 because of her Nickel killer.
This allows you to exert pressure on QB without refusing to cover in midfield, which should minimize these first downs while you have strong LB.
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