How to Acquire the Avad a Cedar Deadly Curse in Hogwartss Heritage

In Hogwarts’s Heritage, you can learn all three unforgivable curses and use them against others without consequences.
Although using these spells in the magical world is extremely dangerous, they are certainly useful for a witch or a wizard.
This is the most powerful spell of dark arts, which is used in extreme cases, if nothing helps.
Here’s how to get a spell for Avid Cedar (a deadly curse) in the Hogwarts heritage.

How to unlock the Avid Cedar spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you unlock the Avid Cedar spell, you need to perform various quests for Sebastian Sallow.
His quest line will help you unlock three unforgivable curses.
You need to complete the last quest in the shade of the relic to unlock the Avid of the cedar.
This will be the third and last quest in the line of quests of Sebastian, which will bring you to the cave full of inferno.
You and Sebastian fight with Solomon Sallow and defeat him in the cave.
But before you start, you will receive a letter from Sebastian about this quest, so be careful not to miss the letter.
After you have completed the quest, go to Sebastian, who will teach you the spell.
You can use it without worrying that you will get to Azkaban in the Hogwarts Heritage.
Arvada Cedar, widely known as a deadly curse, is a dangerous spell that can kill someone in an instant without any injuries.
He does not have a counterattack, and it is known that only Harry Potter survived this.
However, in the Hogwarts Heritage, you can instantly end the battles if you are ready to use this spell.
For example, battles with trolls and bosses that take place later in the game can end in seconds if you use Arvada Cedar.


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