The 5 Best Anime with Tomo-chan: A Lay-Duce Romantic Comedy Starring Volo Aizawa

Tomo-chan is a girl!
It is the last romantic comedy anime of Adduce, starring the abrupt but adorable Tomboy, Solo AIAA.
When romantic feelings begin to house his oldest friend, he desperately tries to find a way to let him know the truth, only to discover that his own lack of experience hinders his efforts at all times.
It is absolutely adorable and very funny, and could open your imagination to a new genre.
With that in mind, here are 5 anime like volume-chan is a girl!
All recommendations are subject to local availability.

The 5 best anime as volume-chan Wei Nanook!


Image Source: Dog Kobe
When the cheerful Chico Sakura confesses her love to her schoolmate, Metro Novak, he immediately invites her home.
It seems a bit extreme, however, it is a classic case of misunderstanding, since he interpreted his enthusiasm as a request to become his assistant.
Now, she is trapped retaining manga illustrations while trying to discover how to clarify confusion.
Although Sakura and AIAA obviously have quite different personalities, they are in a similar situation, in love with a boy who apparently has no idea in the world.

Every time she thinks that Novak is opening her heart, it turns out that she is actually looking for a real world clarification for possible manga stories.
Thematically, it is a great game for Volume-chan, and the dead end among its main characters is a constant and hilarious delight.
Be sure to consult Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun in Crunchyroll and Hi dive.

Charming complex

Image source: screen capture through Tea Animation/Crunchyroll
Wherever I go, Koizumi is likely to get the attention.
The first reason for this is that she is higher than the average, and the second is that it is incredibly reckless.


Subtlety is not wasted in this young girl, that’s safe.
His most hated rival is At sushi OTAN, a tiny classmate with whom he constantly faces.
His statures could not be more different and, nevertheless, his fiery temperaments are at the same time, which makes his fights a fun exhibition for his companions.
Another thing they have in common: both are desperate to capture their first love and totally unbalanced to seal the treatment.
Lovely Complex is the incarnation of the Japanese word genii.
Its most direct translation is of vivacity or energy, and this anime exudes that in all its colorful and extravagant splendor.
It does not have as many nuances as Volo-chan, but with a mariachi just as fun, crashing heads with an equally stubborn animation, you will surely be hooked.
Lovely Complex is over in Crunchyroll.

Potato: Love is difficult for status

Image source: screen capture through A-1 Pictures/Amazon Prime
Naomi Moose is your average office worker with your average dark secret: it is an enclosed take.
The last time his colleagues discovered this, it was so traumatic that he was forced to change employer.
He believes that he has the new beginning he longed for, until he discovers that his childhood friend, and fellow Take, Hiragana Fuji works in the same company.
Like Volo-chan, Potato explores the notion of old acquaintances who begin to look at each other in a different light.
The difference is that they actually end up coming out after the first episode, which causes a change of rhythm.
It allows us to see the peculiar nature of its pairing, with many moving moments to enjoy.
Completely irrelevant, but Monster Hunter also appears in this anime.
Not a reference, not even an imitation.
Real monster hunter.
It is a clean touch.
Anyway, Potato: Love is hard for take can be found in Amazon Prime.

Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witch

Image source: screen capture through Lidenfilms/Crunchyroll
Continuing with the trend of unlikely couples that arise from unexpected sources, we turn to an anime where MC shares a kiss from the first moment.
Wow, that’s a turn!
Are they locked lovers who have been sighing each other for years?
No, they simply closed their lips without realizing as they fell together on the stairs.
That has not happened to me yet, but I dive with enthusiasm for as many stairs as I can to maximize my possibilities.
Doing even strange things, this makes the couple, the offender You Yamaha and the Drama Skirmish student, exchange bodies.
It turns out that there is a magical power associated with this action, and they are completely confused about how it happened or how to reverse it.

Seven Witches is a mystical harem anime, which distances itself from the most direct individual dynamics of volume, but Yamaha has some similarities with the object of AIAA’s affection, Junichirou Quota.
Both are passionate people who are not above get physically when the situation requires it.
Although Yamaha is more obviously a hollow head, Quota can be quite dense.
You can be the judge when you investigate Yamada-Kun and the seven witches in Crunchyroll.

Club host of the Duran high school

Image source: bones
If you don’t know anything about Duran High School Host Club, you may want to ignore this entry and see it for yourself.
The way in which the first episode is developed is one of the best executed anime turns, so it is strongly recommended to enter Spoilers free.

Volume-chan is not the only person on this list that has trouble getting in touch with his female side.
When the Harsh Fukuoka library mouse accidentally breaks an expensive vase in the high school music room, the elegant members of the Host Club insist that the debt is paid with labor.
Fukuoka registered reluctantly to serve tea and exchange courtesies with the fainted girls they visit, and proves to be natural… even though she is a girl herself!
Considered one of the preeminent mariachis on the anime steps, Fukuoka turns out to be a fascinating character and with many layers.
The events that surround it are quite silly and, often, quite strange, but she moves forward, working diligently to pay her debt.
There is not much out there like Oran High School Host Club, but you can discover it for yourself through Crunchyroll.
With the previous selections, hopefully you will get a better anime idea that are like Volume is a girl!
If you are looking for more suggestions, consider our anime guide that are like Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nugatory or read the links below.
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