Great Community Training Session with the Prussians in Wolbeck: Empowering Students to Create a Class Community

Under the motto Class Community-The Prussia at School, SC Pressed Münster has been supporting schools in Münster and in Hinterland for more than a decade on various actions on the topics of nutrition, racism and training.


The very first date of the year led the eagle carriers to the Wozzeck high school at the end of January.
The Prussian staff members Gillian Springer and Nils Kleinsteinberg-both certified youth coaches-prepared 7 different training forms for grade 7, with which the professionals likewise heat up and bring shape.
For 4 school hours, the passing and dribbling were improved and differed competitions tried before the different classes of the level competed against each other in a small tournament.
Later on the two Prussian gamers Darius Ghindovean and Manfred Radio pertained to Wozzeck for a sign session.
Little presents and coupons for the trainees settled a currently ideal school day.
It was not the very first time that SC Prussia spent this unique teaching day at the seventh graders of the partner high school.
And it was certainly not the last time.
This is an essential element in our school profile-and I am very grateful that the coworkers at the Sport student council kept contact with SC Prussia Münster in spite of the pandemic, said headmistress Edith Verleyen-Hackmann.
In specific, the motion has frequently fallen by the wayside in the Corona period.