God Of War Fans Speak: We Reveal The Most Requested Pantheon For The Next Game

According to God of War Ragnarök, the Nordic world of gods is over;
A lot is currently particular.
In the next branch of the series, war god Kratos-or kid ATREUS-has to face new challenges.
We for that reason wished to know from you which Pantheon you want to fight in the next game.
The study has actually shown that the desired setting is specific for most of you.

How you voted

In our survey we have offered you with several gods.
Amongst them were Shintoism (Japan), the Sumerian faith, the Aztec gods and obviously also the Egyptian.
We also offered you the Japanese popular belief with the Okay, who is strictly speaking.
These are the outcomes:
61% Egyptian world of gods (2,851 votes).
9% Aztec gods (406 votes).
8% shirt religious beliefs (383 votes).
6% Okay and Japanese common belief (280 votes).
6% Inka-Götterwelt (267 votes).
3% Hinduism (161 votes).
3% Chinese mythology (146 votes).
3% Sumerian world of gods (141 votes).
1% West African Yoruba faith (61 votes).
Overall ballot: 4,696 (as of February 3, 11:50 a.m.).

This is how the neighborhood sees it.

Numerous of you have actually justified their choice in the comments.
Sakura sees it like many of you and discusses:.
There is only one answer and that is Egypt.
There are too few games anyhow that utilize the setting correctly.
Nero, on the other hand, did not vote with the majority and validates this:.

I elected the Sumerian world of gods and Mesopotamia, since this date in the world of computer game is still missing.
Japan, China, Egypt we currently had whatever, and I want to see Tiamat, Ivanna, Ereshkigal, Marduk etc. in action.


I would not be averse to the Aztec gods of gods.
Document is even simpler to satisfy:.
From me, the Spartan cleansing column can sweep through any world of gods.
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It is not always surprising that Egypt has the nose so far ahead.
The Egyptian world of gods with representatives like Osiris in this nation is certainly the best known.
In addition, the setting with the outstanding pyramids depends upon something mysterious and legendary, and there was currently speculation about this area.
Many fans have actually currently made friends with the idea.
We can still be excited.
Did you anticipate Egypt to be so clearly ahead?