Bachmayer Brewery Closes Its Doors After 150 Years: A Look At The Impact Of The Coronavirus On Business

In view of the tense area due to high raw product and energy prices in addition to the consequence of corona pandemic, smaller sized breweries in this country are not simple.
As the Deutsche Dating now reports, Backwater has to stop another traditional brewery.
Energy, raw materials, I no longer see any viewpoint for the future, primary Josef Hermann informed SZ.
The remaining items are to be sold in self-production by the end of April, after which status is now lastly over.

Wirtshäuser from Backwater are still run till summer

In addition to the shipment of many inns, Backwater also runs some of their own organization.
Work is to be performed by summer, as there would likewise be a lot to do here.
In addition to the economic scenario, Hermann likewise grumbles about the lack of experts, an issue with which practically all breweries are presently having a hard time.


The German Maker Association recently described the year 2022 as one of the blackest years of history-even in 2023, the forecasts look bleak.

Not unlikely that the tense location will require further smaller sized breweries to stop.