Facebooks Reality Labs Division Loses $13.71 Billion: What Does This Mean For VR?

As early as April 2022, we reported that Mark Zuckerberg’s imagine a meta-verse is really feasting on a lot of money.
In this monetary quarter alone, the VR Division Truth Labs is stated to have lost $2.96 billion, and the recently released figures for the whole monetary year read even worse.

The costly hunt for the metaverse

According to CNBC, Meta Previously Known as Facebook alone is stated to have achieved a total loss of $13.71 billion in 2022 through this.


The immensely high expenses are just opposed to relatively low sales: Reality Labs is said to have produced $2.16 billion in sales in 2015 (for example by selling the quest VR headset), which is only 2 percent of the total turnover of META

The sales figures seem a lot more measly when you take a look at the truth that the advancement of VR and Met avers is stated to have actually cost more than $4 billion in the past quarter alone.
The reality that the company of Zuckerberg is still succeeding is due to the various other areas, which had the ability to accomplish a total of $32.1 billion.

Horizon Worlds up until now a flop

These numbers get unique spices when you take a look at what has actually happened at Meta in regard to metaverse.
The flagship of Facebook’s Metaverse software, Horizon Worlds, is a single flop up until now.
Even your own workers who have access can barely use it.
A dripped internal memo showed (by means of Kodak) that Horizon Worlds must struggle with bugs and other quality issues.
Meta’s money burning device is still much unreasonable when we remember that Zuckerberg released 11,000 staff members in November 2022.
The layoffs were necessary due to a macroeconomic downturn, increased competitors and due to the loss of marketing signals.
Ah yes, exactly.
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Karsten Scholz