Slovakia To Host The 2025 U-21 European Championship: A Historic Moment For The Nation

The UEFA executive committee in Non decided that the most talented U-21 soccer players travel to Slovakia in 2025 in Slovakia.
The competition is to be played in eight different stages in eight different cities in the Eastern European country in summer of 2025.
The qualification stage for the last round, which will be the 3rd in an overall of 16 teams, begins this year.
Host Slovakia will belong to the final round of 15 other groups that emerged from the certification.
The drawing of the credentials groups will take location on February 2, these will be played from March this year up until the end of 2024. In the final round, the teams play in four groups of four, each 2 best groups move into the knockout stage.

for the fourth time host

Slovakia has looked like a competition host in recent years.
2000 at the U-21 European Champion, 2013 at the U-17 finals and in 2016 at the U-19 European Championships of ladies and 2022 as the place for the U-19 European Champion.
At the upcoming U-21 European Championship in Georgia and Romania this summer season, the German selection of coach Antonio DI Salvo will satisfy England, Czech and Israel in the group phase.


The German U 21 travels to the tournament as a protecting champion, given that the selection won the title in 2021 with the then nationwide coach Stefan Kurtz in Hungary and Slovenia.
In 2019, the DFB selection in Italy only stopped working in the final in Spain, in 2017 they had likewise become U-21 European champs in Poland.