Saying Goodbye To Rumbleverse: Epic Games And Iron Galaxy Announce The Closure Of Their Ambitious Royal Battle Game

Rumble verse is an ambitious royal battle from Epic Games and Iron Galaxy.

The players fought their fists and beat each other.
Unfortunately for fans, it was announced that Rumble verse was closing.
This may make you ask you why Rumble verse ends and how long it has lasted.
Rumble verse closes February 28, 2023, which means that its servers will no longer be active, and players will no longer be able to play the game.
The main reason for this is that Rumble verse failed to gain momentum and impulse that the developer and publisher were expected.
All players who spent money in the store have the right to compensation.

How to return money for rumble verse

At the time of writing the article, Epic Games and Iron Galaxy did not share the details on how to get compensation for your purchases at Rumble verse.
This information will be divided later on the page of frequently asked Rumble verse questions.
You can also contact the epic games support service for additional information.

How long did Rumble verse last?

Rumble verse was first launched on August 11, 2022, and lasted until February 28, 2023.
Thus, the service life of Rumble verse is about seven months and lasts a total of two seasons.
During the previous decline, all players will be able to gain access to complete experience, given the combat pass, and get double experience.
Additional unlocks were given, now the store is closed.


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