No More DLC For Halo Infinite: What We Know So Far About 343 Industries Decision

There has been much talk about 343 industries and its handling of the Halo series for a long time.
However, with the recent layoffs of Microsoft, it has been questioned if this study has what is needed to continue driving Master Chief.
Now, these concerns are added a new report, where he points out that developers would already be working on a new installment, which would use Unreal Engine.
According to Bloomberg, 343 Industries would put aside any plan focused on creating DLC for the history of Halo Infinite, and instead they would be working on a completely new game.
This, as you surely remember, contradicts the statements of the study, who assured that this delivery would be a platform to explore various Master Chief adventures, something that seems or will be a reality.
Along with this, it has been mentioned that at the end of last year, 343 Industries abandoned the Slip space Engine, and instead have begun to use the Unreal Engine.
The report indicates that this engine has bugs and is difficult to use, which contributed to the complicated development of Halo Infinite.
The inconveniences with these tools are so large, that several multiplayer modes, including extraction and assault, are already finished, but have been delayed due to software problems.
Bloomberg mentions that the Unreal Engine is being used to create a new multiplayer game, with the name Code de Tatanka, that 343 Industries is developing in collaboration with Certain Affinity, a study recognized for offering support to various companies.
It has been mentioned that this project began as a Battle Royale, but could evolve.
Although the jump to Unreal Engine could be seen as a positive change, there are also developers within 343 industries that are concerned about the changes to the gameplay that this engine causes.
Last but not least, the report has revealed that 95 employees of 343 industries were affected by the recent massive dismissals of Microsoft.
Given this report, Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, said that 343 Industries will continue to control the Halo series.


However, he did not confirm or denied the engine change and the new developing game.

In related issues, Xbox wants to know if you will continue to play infinite halo.
Similarly, 343 Industries talks about losing control of the series.
Editor’s note:
There is no doubt that 343 Industries is in a complicated position.
Although the idea of leaving Halo Infinite in the past and moving forward with a new engine sounds like something positive, it also makes clear the extreme situation in which the study is, and the mismanagement they have, since they will not be able to fulfill the
biggest promise of the title.
Way: Bloomberg