Lost Video of Sega and Michael Jackson comes to light. Here all the details regarding this material.

It is not a secret that Michael Jackson had a close relationship with Sega.


From composing music for Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, going through having your own game for Genesis, until you participate in an experience dedicated to the company’s amusement park.
Now, to the surprise of many, an old video of the King of Pop for Sega World has come to light.
For those who do not remember between 1996 and 1999 there was Sega World, an amusement park focused on the video game company.
Among all the attractions, one of the most popular was Scramble Training, where Michael Jackson starred in a video focused on instructions on an interactive trip.
After more than two decades lost, a fan managed to find this material restore.
According to Forbes, the young man responsible for this, known as Ben Bible, obtained a copy of the D-2 video of Scramble Training through a garage sale.
When he realized the material he had in his hands, he was in charge of digitizing it, and sharing it through YouTube.
Without a doubt, an important piece, not only for Michael Jackson fans, but for all Sega lovers.
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Editor’s note:
Without a doubt, a very interesting video that does not give a new look at Michael Jackson’s relationship with Sega.
Along with this, it is good to see that these types of materials are being restored and preserved for the future.