Every Town x Lotte World Adventure Collaboration Update

Remade Connect (CEO Lee Honda) announced on the 20th that it will showcase the second collaboration update with the popular theme park Lott World Adventure (CEO Honeymoon Choir) in the mobile game ‘Every Town’.

The collaboration will show rich content and events through two updates in December.
An official of the company explained, Following the first implementation of the rides and facilities of Lott World Adventure, the second update prepared the seasonal customized contents to meet the Lott World Adventure, which was renovated as a concept of winter and Christmas, in the game.



In the first update, Lott World Adventure’s representative character, ROTC, Ice Garden, and play equipment in the game.
In the second update, Lori will showcase the landscape and decoration of Lott World Adventure, which is celebrating the winter and Christmas, including ‘Lori Cupcake Specialty Store’ and ‘Christmas Theme Park’.

Meanwhile, various events and events will be held to commemorate the collaboration.
Major prizes and discount events such as Town Bingo, which presents ‘Every Town’ calendar in 2023 and Lott World Adventure’s annual ticket, will be held until December 31st.

An official of Remade Connect said, Two updates have included various facilities and characters of Lott World Adventure in the game.
I look forward to it.