Disney Lorcana Reveals New Card

Disney fans rejoice! Ravens burger has just released a new ‘Dragon Fire’ card that will be included in the Disney Lorna set when it is released next year. Get a sneak peek at this exciting addition to the game, and find out how you can use it to your advantage in the upcoming battles!

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Disney Lorna will be released in Fall 2023.

Today, Ravens burger revealed the Dragon Fire card, a new Action card that will appear in the preliminary Disney Lorna set coming out next year. While video game mechanics have yet to be revealed, the Dragon Fire card defines that when the card is put in play, the Illumineer who played it (aka the Lorna player) can eliminate a chosen character.

Disney Lorna will also be supported by a robust Organized Play system created to help reduce newbies to trading card video games into the play experience. It’s that kind of enjoyment that I feel every time I work on a game, and I’ve never ever been more ecstatic about any video game I have actually worked on prior to Disney Lorna.

Disney Lorna is a new trading card video game set to be released by Ravens burger in 2023. Each player is an Illumineer, a sorcerer with the ability to summon various characters from throughout Disney’s lots of stories. Characters summoned by players are Glimmers of actual Disney characters, and the video game will involve missions of some kind together with an overarching storyline.