Guild Wars 2: As Popular As 7 Years Ago

The last few years have seen an explosion in the popularity of MMORPGs. Games such as Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, and Lord of the Rings Online have gained tens of millions of new players in both Europe and North America. What has caused this trend? This article takes a look at what might be behind the recent surge in popularity for MMORPGs.

The developers of Guild Wars 2 relied on the neighborhood in 2022 and thanked them for their loyalty.
They could not just keep enduring fans on the shelf, but likewise win numerous new gamers.
This becomes clear in a blog article that illuminates the successful year 2022.
This did a lot for the number of gamers because with the release of End of Dragons and the start of the Steam variation.
In addition, DirectX 11 is finally part of the video game, while the 8 years missing 1st season of the dynamic world is lastly back in the game.

was so popular Guild Wars 2 last 2015-Beim Free2Play release!

On the official side of GW2, the individuals of Are net expose that in 2022 an incredible variety of new gamers with Guild Wars 2 (now buy EUR 49.95) began.
The Steam variation ensured that substantially more players were made mindful of the MMORPG.
The result?
There were a lot of new gamers in a year last in 2015. At that time, Guild Wars 2 also received a Free2Play design, which should have offered a massive embed the variety of gamers.
In Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons there are numerous new endgame activities for gamers The continuation of the story there are new legendary, meta occasions, controls and strikes.


In February 2022, the End of Dragons expansion appeared, which lastly provided veteran players new material in the picturesque Land Cant ha.
According to the arena net, the active player numbers have even had the ability to double over the last few years!
For a game that was recently allowed to commemorate his tenth anniversary, this is a substantial enhancement.
Although there are no absolute numbers-one doubling could also be simpler because gamers had lost interest in the ice brood saga.
Nonetheless, a return of many adventurers for End of Dragons would be factored to be delighted.

Mentioning: There is likewise a brand-new teaser image to the next experience that awaits us in 2023: A brand-new teaser picture for the next season of the living world of Guild Wars 2-Sie will play according to the occasions of End of Dragons.
Source: Arena net
How much enjoyable do you presently have with Guild Wars 2?
Can End of Dragons still keep you on the shelf?
Do you prefer to commit yourself to other games until the next season of the living world starts?
Have you devoted yourself to the subsequently published season 1?
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