How To Defeat Cobalion In Pokemon GO Raids: The Best Counterattacks

There are many Pokémon GO trainers that want to stop nobelium from taking over. If you’re one of them, this article will show you how to defeat these raid bosses.

The best counterattack against nobelium in Pokémon Go in the guide.
We show you the finest movements and attackers.
With this you can beat in charge in Raids.
What is nobelium for a Pokémon?
Nobelium comes from the 5th generation of play and has the people steel and battle.
Together with terrarium, iridium and Elder, it is one of the knights of sincerity.
When does nobelium come?
You can discover the one in charge from december 15th at 10:00 a.m. regional time in Pokémon GO.
He will remain in the game for you up until December 23 at 10:00 a.m. We reveal you the very best counterattack against nobelium and versus which types it is weak (type efficiency).

Nobelium defeat in the raid-with these counterattacks

  1. Mega-Lohgock with counterattack and low cannonade
  2. Mega-Glurak Y with fire vertebrae and Low Cannonade
  3. Terrarium with a double kick and tactical blade
  4. Crypto-mache with counterattack and force
  5. Mega-Simsala with counterattack and focus sauce
  6. Crypto-Ho-oh with crossing and ringing fire+.
  7. Crypto lava dos with fire vertebrae and heat scooters.
  8. Mega-Glurak X with fire vertebrae and Low Cannonade.
  9. Yeshiva with fire tooth and heat cage.
  10. Crypto-Hariyama with counterattack and force.
  11. Crypto mam dates with clay clamp and horsepower.
  12. Matrix with counterattack and steward.
  13. Mega demon with fire tooth and flame throwing.
  14. Lucio with counterattack and aurasphere.
  15. Crypto-tornupto with crews and look cannonade.
  16. Flampivian with a fire tooth and heat dog crate.
  17. Crypto-Magbrant with fire vertebrae and fire chimney.
  18. Skylab with fire vertebra.
  19. Ho-oh with crossing and ring fire ++.
    Weak points of nobelium: the Pokémon is one of the types of steel and struggle and is for that reason susceptible to combat, flooring and fire.
    So in Raids, primarily relies on attacks and Pokémon of these types to beat nobelium.
    Exists Shiny nobelium?
    Yes, you can catch Shiny nobelium in Pokémon Go.
    We show you in the graphic what the spectacular variation appears like:.
    How many fitness instructors do you require?
    With the finest counterattacks at a high level, you can beat the one in charge in sets or three.
    With lower levels, however strong counterattacks, you must rely on more coaches.
    In order to quickly create the raids, groups with numerous individuals are ideal.