Civilization 6, Leader Pass Second Pack Launched Great Commander.

2K announced that it has launched a great commander, the second pack of the leader pass of Sidemen Civilization VI.

The great commander packs include Tokugawa, Persian Nadir SHA, and the Slay of the Ottoman Empire, and they are all commander who led the army to victory.

First, Tokugawa Ieyasu (Japan) is a person who has completed the confused Senior era.
The new ability of Tokugawa is the last system, and the imports and sightseeing of international trade routes are-25%, but they are provided by cultural +1, science +1, and gold +2 to all special districts in the destination within the domestic trade route.
In addition, in the Japanese capital, cities within 6 tiles are provided with +4 comfort, and when they study flight, tourism will increase +1 in each special district.

Nadir SHA (Persia) is a competent commander who has risen from slaves to SHA’s position, preferring civilizations with many ground units with his ‘Bazaar’ tendency named after his elite soldiers, and dislikes not.
Nadir SHA’s ability is the sword of Persia, and when attacking the maximum health unit, the combat power increases +5 and the city that has not been constructed increases by +2 and gold by +3 in domestic trade routes.


Sulaiman Jaume (Ottoman Empire) is the (teenager) of the Ottoman Empire, who directly commanded the Ottoman Empire and a great reform of the law.
In addition, he was an outstanding poet at the same time, so he actively supports art and leads the golden age of cultural development.
Sulaiman’s ability is magnificent, and science and culture increase +15% in golden and heroes, and even when they are not in the golden or hero, the combat power rises by +4 when dealing with civilizations other than golden or heroes.

Civilization VI Leader Pass can be used without any additional costs if you have a civilized VI & Solace, and can be purchased individually on Steam, Epic Games Store, Mac App Store and iOS.

Civilization VI: Update and more information about leader pass can be found on the official website.