Avatar 2 Producer Confirms Whether Frontiers Of Pandora Is Canon Regarding Movies

Avatar: The sense of water opens today in movie theaters around the world, a sequel that expands even more the vt universe of Pandora and that will surely arouse interest in the next video game of the franchise, Avatar: Frontiers of
Pandora, a title that is still in development by Msive and Ubisoft and that at the moment h no date or launch window.
But is the video game of the same universe the movies?
According to the producer of the new film Jon Landau, it is, although in no ce does it conflict with the story that is told in cinem.

Cinema and video games share universe in avatar

We do not want the stories to get together.
This is where we differentiate.
We want the stories to be unique in each of those spaces, explains the producer to Polygon in a recent interview.
It’s not like ‘let’s make a streaming series, and another streaming series, and a sequel one year later, and all those things.’
We are not like that.
We don’t want that to avatar.
What we want to do is find the best in sociates to the brand, and expand the universe challenging them to do what they do best.

Avatar 2

We are doing that now with Msive and Ubisoft, continues the producer.
All this with the aim of expanding that same universe through different formats, making everything canon, but without can do something that conflicts with our stories.
So much so, that Frontiers of Pandora takes place on the west border of Pandora, a place to which they have not yet been in the films, in a period of time between two concrete facts of the sense of water
Frontiers of Pandora is consistent with the movie, to talk about characters that return with the GDR.
They talk about General Adore in the game, but they return to the Bridgehead be, not to the border, says the producer, revealing more information that could be considered slight spoilers if we have not yet seen the new Avatar movie.
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora plans its launch in PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | s on a date still to announce.