PlayStation Plus December 20th games unveiled

Sony has just unveiled the games that will be added to PS catalogs more extra and premium from December 20.
You will find games such as Far Cry 5, Mortal Shell, Worms W.M.D, Judgment, WWE 2K22 and much more.
Here is the list :
WWE 2K22 (January 3)
WWE 2K is back with a reworked game engine and a new gameplay.
Play solo or against local or online friends with the most stylish and realistic super-legends of WWE.
Play not one, but two solo adventures in my ascent.
With unique scenarios depending on whether you play a man or a woman, you really shape your journey as you wish.
As general manager of WWE, take the reins of Raw, Smackdown, NXT or NXT UK, and compose your ultimate team to face your rivals and build the largest stable of Universe WWE.

Far Cry 5
Welcome to Hope County, in Montana, land of free men and brave, but also a locality home known as the Gate.
Define the head of the sect, Joseph Seed, as well as his brothers and sisters, to light the fire of the resistance and release the besieged community.
Create your character and free Hope County solo or in two players,
Drive large displacement, trucks and emblematic planes, and face the sect in epic fights.

Far Cry New Dawn
Take arms alone or with a coop friend in the heart of a post-apocalyptic post-apourse in Montana, 17 years after a global nuclear disaster.
Join other surviving and lead the fight against pests as well as their two ruthless leaders, the twins, who seek to take control of the latest resources.
Recruit experts to improve your base and unlock new possibilities, and in particular the possibility of manufacturing weapons and equitably, and go on expedition to the four corners of Lamérique.

Far Cry Primal
The Far Cry franchise makes you travel in time until stone, with an innovative gameplay in open world where gigantic creatures, breathtaking environments and unpredictable encounters are mixed.
You play Tanker, an experienced hunter, last survivor of his group.
Your goal: to survive in a world where you are prey.
Discover a chaotic and unpredictable era, filled with incredible dangers and histories.

Mortal Shell |
PS4, PS5
The broken world of Mortal Shell, a merciless action-RPG, will put your mind and your resilience to the test.
While the remains of the humanity die, devoted enemies rot in the ruins.
These are ruthless, and your survival is based on your exception vigilance, your precision and your instinct.
Go in search of followers and their hidden sanctuaries, and discover your reason for being.

Judgment |
PS4, PS5
Require who offered you the successful series of the Yakuza returns with a psychological thriller.
Follow the history of Kabuki Salami, a lawyer who fell in disgrace converted into a private detective, and infiltrate the criminal networks of Aurochs’s underworld to investigate a series of atrocious murders.
Give the suspects, find clues and get evidence to bring to court.
Two unique combat styles will allow you to deliver your opponents in exhilarating clashes.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon
Go from Westside status to that of Dragon in this RPG Action.
Sentenced after admitting a crime that he did not commit, Michigan Cayuga, a minor member of a modest family of Yakuza de Tokyo, has just finished serving his sentence of 18 years in prison.
Discover the truth hidden behind the betrayal of his family while you explore a modern Japanese city, not without effusions of violence.
Form a group with a band of left behind and spend time with your new friends to unlock new skills and combos.
Between two fights, participate in kart races, play in Arcade games and discover 50 secondary intrigues.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life
In this epic conclusion of Karma Kirk, the Dragon of Dogma takes on the role of an adoptive father.
While protecting his young pupil Naruto, he must elucidate the mystery of the tragic Antique which cost his mother’s life.
Explore the Donomichi city, in the prefecture of Hiroshima, and with the ugly of some improbable friends, plunge back into a merciless criminal world, take over the clans that track Naruto and find answers to your questions.

Middle-earth: Border’s lumber

Lead a fight through Mordor and discover the truth about Esprit that has you in this third-person daction-adventure game, which writes a new chapter of the chronicles of environment.
Discover Origin of the power rings, create your legend and confront Sauron, the evil embodied.

Middle-earth: lumber of war
Sneak behind the enemy lines to lift your army, invade fortresses and conquer the border of the length.
Take advantage of the award-winning Nemesis system which creates unique and dynamic stories with each of your enemies and your supporters, and face the absolute power of the Lord of Darkness Sauron and its spectra of Anneal in this unprecedented chapter of the History of Middle Earth.

The Pedestrian |
PS4, PS5
Take advantage of a text-free adventure in this unique and charming thinking game, where all the ideas are expressed in vicious form and your observation capacities are put to the test.
Rearrange and reconnect urban signs to continue your exploration and advance in an enchanting environment.

Evil Genius 2 |
PS4, PS5
Play a genius of evil with the aim of dominating the world and building your own evil base sheltering your secret activities.
Faced with so much Machiavellianism, the justice forces are no chance!
Design your lair of unique evil and design fabulous evil devices.
Form a cohort of criminal minions, recruit powerful henchmen, and defend your base against the forces of justice.
Dominate the world to the strength of your diabolical plans and the apocalyptic Lenin that you are quietly building.

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion
Oh Moussaillon!
The Door lands are submerged, and Finn and Jake must find out why.
Join our heroes to explore the tall seas, look for clues, and question shady suspects.
Improve your heroes, use objects, spells, potions and their unique ultimate capacities, and take part in ultra-fast tactical fights to eliminate your enemies and solve the mystery that will save this overwhelmed world!

Ben 10: Power Trip |
PS4, PS5
Wear your Matrix and take the incredible destroyers’ form, then fight through a world in 3D drunk to stop the diabolical machinations of a master magician.
Face Ben’s most formidable enemies in intense fights.
Resolve fun puzzles, use your skills to help the people you meet and collect bonuses to improve your extraterrestrials.
It is also possible to team up locally with friends in a free coop mode, where you can connect and disconnect at will.

Gigantosaurus the game |
Explore the prehistoric world of Gigantosaurus.
In this adventure, dinosaurs from the Disney animated series must both save the world and participate in wild races, all by evolving on platforms.
Play solo or with a friend to explore and resolve puzzles… then take part in ultra-fast races to reach the Arrived line, and the next area.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire-Ultimate Edition |
With a gigantic open world, numerous and varied characters, and a story that you can live in your own way, Ultimate Edition of this solo RPG with multiple awards, developed by the masters in the matter Obsidian Entertainment, includes all major updates
and extensions.
The Ethan God was awakened from his sleep.
He arose from under your castle, killing your people and flying a piece of your soul.
Now, only you and your companions can discover the machinations of the sly God when he ravages dead fire machine.

Worms W.M.D |
With its 2D look drawn by hand, new weapons, artisanal, vehicles and buildings, as well as the return of weapons and playability so appreciated, Worms W.M.D.
is the best game in the series.
Cross 30 levels of campaign of an increasing difficulty with ancient or new dares Arsenal at your disposal, and face up to 5 opponents with 8 to each in a hilarious tactical war, in local or online multiplayer, including in classified parts if you wish.

The Escapists 2 |
It is time to dry up the worst prisons in the world while you find your prison life in The Escapists 2. This time, the prisons are even more secure, and you will have to redouble creativity to design your devotion plans using the many options to your
You can also join up to 3 friends to develop the ultimate team and escape all kinds of ways as crazy as each other.
Find your friends online or locally to prepare your stealth adventure.

PS plus premium classics:
Regarding the premium subscription, we can say that the classics that will be added are not sensational, but there are still some good games.
Here is the list :

Ridge Racer 2 |
Immerse yourself in the heart of crazy races accompanied by an incredible soundtrack in this improved version of the classic on PSP.


Take advantage of the many speed circuits to beat other competitors (and your own scores) and unlock new cars.
This emotional version of the classic PSP game is equipped with an improved rendering, a rear return option, a quick backup system and personalized video filters.

Heavenly Sword |
This Third-person Daventure-Action game from Ninja Theory recounts the dramatic history of Nariño’s revenge against an invader king and his army.
However, time plays against you, because Nariño’s divine sword, which grants him many Antique skills, drains his vital force so slowly.
You will have to face increasingly massive Dennis hordes and learn to master the combos and the various combat postures to hope to reach victory.

Odd world: Abe’s Exodus |
Abe is back in the rest of the original Odd world game.
In the middle of a peaceful and well-deserved retirement, Abe receives a vision of moons spiritual guides who teach him that the maggots are coming to dig serum, the city of the dead of the moons, to harvest bones and do a hyper-stuperia mixture: the
This version is equipped with an improved rendering, a rear return option, a quick backup system and personalized video filters.

Pinball Heroes |
The balls will ride frantically in this pinball game with addictive gameplay, simple controls and different tables on which all your records.
Each tables inspire of a different PlayStation franchise like Uncharted and Hot Shots Golf.
Keep your ball in play and activate the special bonuses of each pinball machine!
This version is equipped with an improved rendering, a rear return option, a quick backup system and personalized video filters.

In addition to the WWE 2K22 game which will only be available from January 3, all games will be accessible on December 20.
So what do you think of this cover?