The Blue Beetle Is The New Latin Superhero DC Needs

Not everything is bad news for the next DC premieres in the cinema;
And it is that Blue Beetle, the project that aims to bring the Latin DC Comics superhero to real action continues despite the changes in the company and that have caused sound cancellations such Batgirl, even being already shot.
Be that it may, in August 2023 we can see Solo Marijuana (Cobra Kai) Blue Beetle in theaters;
And we already have official poster and synopsis.

The Blue Beetle movie of DC fixes its premiere in August 2023

Jaime Reyes (Solo Marijuana), recently graduated from the University, returns home full of pirations for his future, just to discover that his home is not exactly he left.
While seeking to find its purpose in the world, fate intervenes when Jaime unexpectedly is in possession of an ancient alien biotechnology relic: Beetle, we can read in its official synopsis.
When the beetle suddenly chooses Jaime to be his symbiotic host, he is given an incredible armor capable of extraordinary and unpredictable powers, changing his destiny forever by becoming the Blue Beetle superhero, concludes his plot.


Directed by the filmmaker Ángel Manuel Soto, Blue Beetle presents for a ct headed by Solo Maradona himself Jaime Reyes along with other names such Susan Sarandon such Victoria Word, Raoul Max Trujillo Conrad Caravan, George López Uncle Rudy Reyes, Lidia Carrillo
Like Rocco Reyes, Brunei Marque zine Penny, Damian Alcázar Alberto Reyes, Adriana Barbara Nana and Melissa Scored Milagros Reyes, among others.
Blue Beetle will premiere in Cinem on August 18, 2023.