Sony Announces The return of the popular Playstation advent calendar

Now you can enjoy the joy of Christmas every day until December 25th with the new PlayStation advent calendar of Sony. In addition to the game consoles and games, there are also great accessories, gadgets and other prizes that you can win.

During the Advent season, Sony is in a donation state of mind and disperses gifts-through the popular PlayStation development calendar, in which you can dust off fat payouts such as games and devices for your PS4 and PS5 every day
In addition to cookies, snow, mulled red wine and Christmas markets, the PlayStation arrival calendar has actually likewise been part of the Arrival season.
In 2022, you can clear up terrific rewards every day from December 1st-and that completely free of charge.

PlayStation introduction calendar: Get rid of profits every day.

The PlayStation advent calendar runs once again this year from December 1st to 24th and offers you the opportunity of a changing main and an ancillary cost every day.
You can not purchase the lots with money, but get them by switching credits that you can make every day.
You can gather credits every day: through mini video games such as memory, by taking part or seeing a video in surveys and quizzes.
If you have an interest in the existing prices, you can exchange your credits for as lots of lots as you want-the more you have, the higher your possibilities of winning.


A lot costs you 750 credits.
Click on this link for the PlayStation Arrival calendar!

PS4 & PS5: Sony starts Christmas competitors

Recently, Sony has not let himself be raffled at the Christmas competition and raffled off appealing prizes.
So you can expect leading video games and accessories such as controllers-and maybe there is even the PS5 to win throughout the term.
You can do so against a couple of credits if you desire to open one of the next doors to look at whether you need to wait or buy lots.
At the start on December 1st, for example, the Sony-Vinzone-M9 screen and as a side rate Gran Tourism 7 for the PS5 were available as the main prize.
In our video we reveal you 7 need to plays for December: