Post Trauma: Indie-Horror. Raw Fury announces the publication of the Indie horror debut Post Trauma by Red Soul

Fans of horror games can now enjoy a new game that has just been published and is already creating much craze. Post Trauma, the first indie horror title by Red Soul Games offers dynamic gameplay and a mystery storyline that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Raw Fury announced a collaboration with the indie designer Red Soul Games, as well as the prepared joint publication of the launching project Post Trauma.
This is an amazing horror experience with fixed camera hinges and modern visual language, inspired by the retro classics of the genre.
The new gameplay trailer of the video game reveals the distinct style, the exhausting environment, the innovative puzzles and the detailed audiovisual director.
The focus is on Roman, a middle-aged man, in the focus, who gets up in a strange and hostile location and has to find his way back home to his family.
The players explore the world from fixed cam point of views that enhance the oppressive sensation of being observed.
To resolve the puzzles and to endure, the players ought to first explore their own environment and collect info (you must constantly have a note pad on hand on this journey).

You need to discover a method to kill or bypass the beasts that hide in the dark.


Every animal that you come across is hostile to you.
Post Trauma is the first title of Red Soul Games, a brand-new studio founded by indie designer Roberto Serra Gascony.
The video game started with the enthusiasm of a one-man job, for which Gascony 2021 provided up his job to work full-time on the game advancement, to share regular updates with the neighborhood on Twitter and therefore steadily a loyal base of fans and content developers
to develop.
Red Soul Games’s structure will enable the job to work with extra workers if necessary in order to make Gascony’s vision truth.