7 Studios That Have Been Developing the Best PlayStation Games

There are many PlayStation studios out there that have been developing games for the console for years. In a current message, the British developers of Media Molecule – one of the best-known heads of PlayStation studio – announced that at the beginning of next year they will cease to exist as a studio. Here’s a list with some of the best PlayStation games, some developed by these studios:

In a present message, the British developers of Media Molecule announced that at the start of next year one of the best-known heads of the LittleBIGPlanet and Dreams makers will leave on board.
We are discussing Kareem Attorney, who, like Creative Director Mark Healey and the two technical directors Alex Evans and Dave Smith, was at first used by Lion head ( Fable) and was among the studio closets of Media Molecule in 2006.
According to the message, Attorney was one of the most crucial forces from Media Molecule from the first day and was largely responsible for the imaginative direction in which the UK studio established.

The farewell is commemorated with the community

Given that the first day, Kareem has actually contributed decisively to specify the appearance, the sensation, the feeling and unquestionably the principles of who we are and what we do at Media Molecule.

Permanently, we are grateful for whatever he did for us and our neighborhood, stated Media Molecule and pointed out that the farewell to Attorney is in the type of live stream in which his work is commemorated again.
The studio continues: It would not feel ideal for Kareem without going to bid farewell to the neighborhood.
For that reason, we will stream deal with him on January 17, 2023.


We will recall at Media Molecule and have a look at some of his individual Dreams highlights.
It has actually not yet been revealed where the course of Kareem Attorney will lead after his departure of Media Molecule.
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