EA Sports FC – 5 crucial licenses set to be MISSING from brand new video game

ea sports fc is a brand new video game from EA Sports arriving in 2023.

Whilst excitement is high for this new chapter, there will be some significant missing pieces that could ambush an intense start.

The video game represents a brand brand-new period for both the designer and the football gaming community, with the FIFA series as we know it ending with FIFA 23.


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ea sports fc Licenses

EA Sports have a top licenses portfolio, allowing you to play as practically all of your favorite teams.


Juventus did the very same a few years once again prior to returning to FIFA 23, whilst sides like Roma and Naomi are likewise exclusive to football.

Italian giants air conditioner and Inter Milan have jumped ship and will be officially licensed sides in football only.

With the World Cup mode and material featuring plainly in FIFA 23, it will be sad to lose this unique competition from our football games entirely.

Significant sides like Tires will be missing from the video game, with the major league not available in FIFA 23 and rather switching over to football.

With the offer between INAMI and Lisa MX a long-term offering, this suggests that the Mexican league will as soon as again be absent from ea sports fc.

National Teams

Not just will EA Sports lose licenses from rivals, they will also lose licenses to former allies.

World Cup


Instead, FIFA will look to release blockchain titles whilst they assess their alternatives, with their major licenses like the World Cup specific to be off-limits for EA Sports.


This suggests that neither side will feature in their fully-licensed form in ea sports fc, with things like packages, arena and even up-to-date face scans being inaccessible to EA Sports.

Significant Stadiums

FIFA and EA Sports’ breakdown in relations has caused a nasty exchange of words that don’t precisely indicate that whatever is rosy.

Women’s football is also set to be broadened in ea sports fc, with groups like Manchester City lady’s featuring heavily in the game’s promotion.

Another steal from football from right under the noses of EA Sports are 2 of football’s significant stadiums, and we’re uncertain whether a 3rd might follow.

Don’t fear excessive, as this has yet to be validated, and it’s unlikely that the Gunners would retreat from EA.

It’s extremely likely that FIFA 23 will be the last game from EA Sports that includes nationwide sides in their fully-licensed types, with FIFA not likely to accredit their sides to their former partners.

A tug-of-war of licenses only serves to the hindrance of the gamers, and we hope that these disagreements don’t wind up causing a stuttering start for ea sports fc.


That indicates that teams like England, France, Germany, Brazil and more will all be missing from ea sports fc.

A whole league will likewise be unavailable in the type of the Lisa MX BBVA, the significant national league of Mexico.

Unlike a number of league sides throughout the world, no nationwide sides declared their support for ea sports fc, showcasing that international football might be no more.

A third arena that could go missing out on is the Emirates Arena, with Arsenal and INAMI revealing a renewal of their partnership in 2023.

Italian Giants

Two of the greatest teams in Serie A jumping over to a competitor makes sure to be a blow, but they aren’t the only sides to walk the exact same course.

Mexican Magic

Both Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena and Barcelona’s NOU Camp are special to football today, with the previous restoring their offer at the start of 2022.

The final missing piece-and perhaps the biggest-will be the World Cup, with FIFA taking their ball and going home.

With that in mind, here are 5 key licenses that you will not have the ability to experience in ea sports fc.

The NOU Camp could return to ea sports fc however, with its lack felt by the community.