Street Fighter V: Juninho Ras wins K World Warrior finals and qualifies for Capcom Cup 9

azil has already defined its second representative at Cap com Cup 9, the world of Street Fighter V that will be played from Feuary 14 to 19, in Los Angeles.
This Wednesday, the player Juninho Ra’s, from Minas Gerais, became champion of the finals of the K World Warrior circuit in an unbeaten way and will represent a country alongside Ronaldinho, player of Rio de Janeiro two-time champion of Cap com Pro Tour azil.


Juninho Ra’s began the finals of K World Warrior playing with the character BYU and debuted with a 3-0 win over the Eve Horuspaulin player LATAM South 2021, thus advancing to the semifinals of the winners key.
Following, Juninho continued to use the character BYU and applied a 3-1 on the carioca player Dark, champion of two of the five stages of K World Warrior.
With the result, the Minas Gerais player advanced to the top key with 6 wins and only 1 loss in the two series best of five (MD5) he played.
In the Upper acket final, Juninho faced São Paulo’s São Paulo player JUDAH, and for the first time chose to use the character Luke in the tournament.
In a very fierce fight, the Minas Gerais player surpassed Dash’s Bison 3-2 and advanced to the grand final.
In the grand final, Juninho Ra’s once again faced HKD ASH, who had defeated player Jaylene in the lower key final by 3-1 and reached the decision needing two consecutive MD5 series about the Minas Gerais player, the only unbeaten in the tournament at that time.
With a dominant performance in the final, Juninho applied a 3-0 on JUDAH and secured the K World Warrior title and the Cap com Cup com place a retrospective of 12 wins and only 3 losses in the four MD5 series he played in the competition.

Classification of K World Warrior Finals

  • 1st place-juninho RAS
  • 2nd place-hkdash
  • 3rd place-jahlexe
  • 4th Place-Dark
  • 5th place-Zangief Ballad
  • 5th placental
  • 7th place-horruspaulin
  • 7th place-gust