Pokemon Journeys Releases New Art of Ash Ketchum And His Champion Team


Pokémon Journeys made history by finally seeing Ash Ketchup achieve his dream of ending up being the Pokémon World Champion, defeating Leon during the Masters 8 Competition in one of the most significant battles of the anime adjustment to date. With an executive working on the series validating that Ash will stay the protagonist of the television series moving forward, new art has actually gotten here to celebrate the hero’s biggest triumph to date, along with the Pokémon that helped him to reach this long-awaited peak.

Ash Ketchup’s winning group consisted of Pikachu, Dervish, Sirfetch’d, Gen gar, Lucio, and Dragon ite, with many of the focus of this season seeing these pocket monsters put together in the hero’s quote to put together the most powerful group he could to get ready for the Masters 8. Now that Ash has actually become the world champ and is staying the star of the show, it will be interesting to see if he will put together a brand-new team of Pokémon in the future as he possibly explores the new area being presented as a part of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Regardless of whether Ash chooses to form a new group, it’s most likely that he’ll continue having Pikachu by his side as the electrical rodent has belonged of Ketchup’s journey since the very start.

Ash Ketchup’s Winning Team

Adipose Fandom shared the brand-new art enjoying Ash’s major success with the Pokémon that he’s constructed a bond with standing by his side, making Ketchup the world champ while also making the future of the series that a lot more strange while doing so:

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In the most recent episodes following Ash’s big win, the camera has actually concentrated on Go and his travels with Project Mew, as Ketchup’s current right-hand male has accomplished one of his dreams in reuniting with the famous Pokémon known as Mew. With the series hinting that Ash and Go hare preparing to reunite, the anime also hints that the 2 may be separated as Go may part methods with Ketchup as numerous others have done in the past.