Building a sector of the video game on equality, the guide to foster the role of women in the industry

A toolbox with ey to adapt and apply proposals to any context. A guide to value the contribution of women to the industry and to encourage it serving an inspiration to the youth that is approaching for the first time to this sector. That is ‘Building a sector of the video game in equality’, the new project presented by the Spanish Video Games sociation (DEVI) in collaboration with Women in Games.


The document reviews the main debates that occur on the issue in the sector and collects testimonies and recommendations from prominent figures from the video game world. Following the principles of empowerment of women promoted by the United Nations, ‘building a sector of the video game in equality’ analyzes with gender perspective all kinds products, development studies and organizations with the intention of involving girls and talented women in the offer in the offer Educational and in the abundant professional opportunities offered by both video games and electronic sports (eSports).

We firmly believe in the video game a possibility to tend bridges and break barriers, explained José María Moreno, general director of DEVI. Their communities offer spaces where people with different origins and characteristics can collaborate and share a common hob.

Presented to the Ministry of Equality of the Government of Spain, the guide is a first step to achieve other commitments and projects in the field. From Playful, which disseminates the principles of equality within the video game ecosystem, to The Good Gamer platform, where recommendations for family game and the positive effects that video games can have on people are collected. We walked towards a more diverse sector in the direction of inclusion and tolerance, making these premises our indispensable quality, Moreno ended up declaring.