Change in December: Spam

When suddenly the 110 or 112 calls, most of them probably triggers a shock. The trick with the wrong number is history.

Dortmund-spam calls are just annoying. However, consumers will at least better be protected from the number manipulation from December. Then shock calls from the 110 or 112 are no longer possible.

Call-ID-Spoofing prohibited: fake calls of 110 or 112 will no longer exist

Again and again criminals disguise the true origin of an in-depth call by displaying a fake number in the telephone display, explains Klaus Müller, President of the Federal Network Agency in a message. Falsification of the telephone number, also called call-ID spoofing, is usually to make criminal acts possible.

Criminals apply the technology, for example, to display emergency numbers 110 or 112 on the display of the called and use the shock moment. At the other management, they then spend themselves as a police or fire brigade. After an invented story, they usually demand a cash benefit.

In the fight against fake calls, providers are taken into account

This will be put forward from December 1st. Then legal new regulations for better protection against call-ID spoofing come into force. The new law is particularly responsible for telecommunications services.

Because you have to ensure that calls are canceled, in which phone numbers of emergency calls 110 and 112, high-priced phone numbers (0) 900, (0) 137 and numbers for information and short dial services are incorrectly displayed. In addition, you must ensure that calls from foreign networks cannot display a German number as a sender. Mobile functions in international roaming are excluded.

law against fake calls leads to more calls with a suppressed number

According to the Federal Network Agency, consumers should be able to rely on the fact that incoming calls with a German number actually come from Germany. Because most calls with manipulated phone numbers should come from abroad according to the Federal Network Agency (more digital news at ).

For calls from abroad, the number indicators will be completely suppressed in the future for calls from abroad that consumers want to deceive with a German number. The Federal Network Agency assumes that there will be more often calls with a suppressed number as a result of the anonymization obligation.


However, a call from a suppressed number does not automatically mean a spam call. After all, everyone can suppress their number before calling. The Federal Network Agency advises to always make sure of the identity of the callers.

Rubric list picture: © Ezequiel Sambresqui/Imago