CCXP22 Guide: Everything you need to know about the events game schedule

One of the largest pop-focused events in Latin America, CCXP22 happens in person again from this Wednesday (30), after two years of virtual conventions provided by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event, which ought together more than 280,000 people in 2019, the largest edition so far, which featured names such as Margot Robbie and Ryan Reynolds-, focuses on uniting all the main spheres of national and international pop culture.

Thus, fans of video games and electronic sports can also enjoy exclusive content and programming in developer booths and areas intended for competitions.

Check out the general details and all information regarding the convention game content:

General information

Date of the event:

November 30th until December 4th.


  • 30/11 (spoiler night): 18h to 21h
  • 01/12: 12h to 21h
  • 02/12: 12h to 21h
  • 03/12: 11h to 21h
  • 04/12: 11 to 20h


  • São Paulo Expo-Rodovia dos Immigrants, 1.5 km-Vila Agra Funds, São Paulo-SP, 04329-900


Tribe Game Arena

Among the stands and activations that the public can enjoy, the first indispensable stop is the Game Arena tribe.

In the Arena, which was renamed after the partnership with Streamer Alexandre Gauges CORBA, will serve several Free Fire audiences to Rainbow Six. In addition to eSports, the Arena will also feature game performances like Warner os.’s Hogwarts Legacy. Games.

Check out the full schedule released so far:


Fans of electronic games will also be able to track releases, debates and exclusive content in the various panels scattered within the event pavilion.

The highlight of the edition is the dedicated panel for the television adaptation of The Last of Us. The cast of the series will join the writers to discuss the premiere of the adaptation, scheduled for early 2023.

Check out what will happen in each panel:

booths and activations

Although the content of most booths is a mystery until the first day of the event, some confirmed ands often ing interactive actions to game fans.

In addition to virtual games, several booths also feature physical games whose reward are ands awards.

Check it out, then, places you can not fail to go through:

  • Warner os.


Warner’s booths, which include activations of Barbie and movies like Shazam!, Can also rely on content from Multiverses and Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Team liquid

The cavalry space will have draw of cards and autographed clothing from the organization’s players. Fans will also be able to watch eSports championships, including 6, alongside the talents.

  • SBT

The SBT space, which includes SBT Games, usually has varying games show matches and play performances;

  • Netflix

The area reserved for Netflix usually has interactive experiences and games within the universe of series.

This list will be updated after the first day of the event, when all activations are released to the public.

Other contents

To access the full programming of CCXP22, you can access the official website and analyze divisions by date.

Another option is to download the event application for iOS and Android and organize your own programming.


Tickets are being sold only through the Munro Ticket website. The minimum ticket price is $140, and may reach up to $2,200 for the five days of convention.