Pokemon is 21 years old in states


On September 28, 1998, Red & Blue Pokémon released in the United States. Two years after the publication by Japan of Green Red Pokémon, Pokémon would ultimately end up being a worldwide phenomenon. In addition to Anime and cards to exchange, Pomerania started with the supper channels that speak of the Pokémon brought to countless children in America. The mascot of the series, Pikachu, would become an icon of pop culture and appear in numerous American occasions such as the Thanksgiving parade of Macy.

There are now more than 1000 kinds of Pokémon in the series. From Kant to the Gala area, we are dealing with the 8th generation with the exit from Pokémon sword and shield to come in November.

We have to send you the question: in what year have you started your very first trip to the Pokémon Mode? If you played first red, blue, gold, argent and immediately, it is never too late to begin your Pokémon travel independently of who you are. We aim for the very best that nobody has been ever, and we always go for this objective till the series remains in place.

With future generations to come, Pokémon stays a considerable property of Nintendo to date. With the main series, benefits varying from Secret Dungeon, Arena, Coliseum very other still, there are various kinds of games consisting of Pokémon. There is no doubt that Pokémon collected many individuals, developing lasting relationships in Become, conventions or strolling in a park by playing Pokémon Go.