How did the text of Tearing Birds become an image?

Lee Young-do’s first episode of the art book production of the game ‘Bird Drinking Birds’ based on the artist’s novel was released on the official YouTube channel of Craft ton.

‘Bird Drinking Tears’ is one of the best fantasy novels in Korea since its publication in 2003, and has received overwhelming support. In August 2022, after several game production issues, the teaser site was being developed as an open world action RPG. This is known.


The problem is that the work of ‘drinking tears’ has been described only as text before, and it has not been in the video process, so it was necessary to go through the image re-creation process based on the imagination of the developer. Fortunately, the teaser video released by Craft ton was very well received, and on November 11, he published an art book called ‘Over the Limited Line’.

The video released this time is the first video of the behind-the-scenes scene, which will be released in three episodes, the protagonist who makes the narrative of ‘drinking birds’, human Kagan Drama and Goblin Tables It explains how Pay’s character description was made and what each element means.

The behind-the-counter production of ‘crossing the limit’ will be released in the future, and each will be uploaded under the name of ‘Looking into the New World of Tears’ and ‘The Imagination of Windows Team’ to be.

Meanwhile, the game ‘Bird Drinking Birds’ is being developed in the development studio of Craft ton, founded in Canada, and aims to be released in 2025.