Madden 23 Ultimate Group Aaron Rodgers and Randy Moss lead brand-new Autumn Harvest drops


This offers you a number of more cards to select from, and the brand-new Champions are pretty extraordinary too.

Today is a fantastic day for Madden 23 Ultimate Team as the new Fall Harvest cards have actually made their method into BUT.


Let’s have a look at these new cards and the new BUT modifications.

Madden 23 Ultimate Group Autumn Harvest Release

If you haven’t acquired the video game yet, you can do so by using our link listed below.

A couple of Champions were contributed to the Madden 23 Ultimate Group Marketplace and leading the group is the 93 OR Aaron Rodgers.

We’ll have a look at the remainder of the cards available also but in our viewpoint, this Aaron Rodgers Madden 23 Ultimate Group card is the very best 1. This is especially real since you can get a Turducken to upgrade it.

We have actually received a few updates to the Fall Harvest release however today a lot more cards were provided to the platform.


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New Autumn Harvest Release Cards

Aiming to add the brand-new Randy Moss Champion or the Lawrence Taylor Champ? Examine out what was revealed on Excellent Morning Madden.

These cards made it into Madden 23 Ultimate Group on November 17, 2022, so you can delve into the game and include them right now.

Now it’s time to start going through all the brand-new Madden 23 Ultimate Team Harvest release cards, consisting of the brand-new Champions.

Harvest 2 Low Elites


  • Drew Dalian (C) -84 OVR-Atlanta Falcons
  • Tyler Bass (K) -84 OVR-Buffalo Expenses
  • Tutu At well (WR) -84 Carlos Angeles Rams
  • Malcolm Rodriguez (MLB) -84 OVR-Detroit Lions
  • James Pierre (CB) -84 OVR-Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Christian Wilkins (DT) -84 PortMiami Dolphins

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Harvest 2 High Elites

  • Duane Brown (LT) -88 Overview York Jets
  • Ben Jones (C) -88 OVR-Tennessee Titans
  • Chris Godwin (WR) -88 OVR-Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Adam Trauma (TE) -88 Overview Orleans Saints
  • Darrell Taylor (LOLA) -88 OVR-Seattle Seahawks
  • Cameron Hazard (RE) -88 OVR-Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Fabian Moreau (CB) -88 Overview York Giants
  • Karen Curl (SS) -88 OVR-Washington Commanders

Let’s review how you can get the Turducken initially and from there which cards you can equip it to.


  • Jeremy China (SS) -93 OVR-Carolina Panthers
  • Darren Waller (TE) -93 Overseas Vegas Raiders
  • Lawrence Taylor (ROLE) -93 Overview York Giants
  • Randy Moss (WR) -93 OVR-Minnesota Vikings
  • Aaron Rodgers (QB) -93 Evergreen Bay Packers

Harvest 2 Champions

With all of these brand-new cards in Madden 23 Ultimate Group, you’re probably questioning which one to equip your Turducken to.

How to make a Turducken

To make a Turducken you’ll require to get a turkey leg, chicken breast, and duck wing. From there you can make your Turducken and feed it to any Autumn Harvest player.

The Turducken is a new product that players can make by finishing challenges in Field Pass, Solo Challenges, and House Rules.

When you do, the card will receive a rankings and characteristics increase in Madden 23 Ultimate Group.