Hogwarts Legacy: Discover the partner who will be in your day to day from Ravenclaw

Hogwarts Legacy fans continue to know more details about the game, and that is that the official game account itself has revealed the last piece of the puzzle that many players had in mind. Finally, the identity of the character that will accompany him in Ravenclaw’s house has been officially revealed

Amit Hakka joins Ravenclaw!

We already had the names of our three companions from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin, but Ravenclaw took some delay, and we had no information about it. In addition to the name, the official game account has given us some more context and history to know its origins and part of its personality.

Amit is described as a very safe character of his knowledge of history and astrology, but his specialty is in action books. However, the question we ask ourselves is whether it will be a burden when things get difficult. From what we could see in the few missions or filtered game plays, we doubt that it is so.


Amit would be a source of information about the Lore of the game?

In addition to the tweet published in the official account, they show us a description of this new character, and it seems that Amit is interested in the history of magic, and we may learn more playing with him. Here is the official announcement of this new partner and the hip that puts the game in its presentation.

Amit aspired to be a historian of magic and had prepared many plans for his first memoirs. He was exceptionally bright and cultured. He loved to observe the stars and always seemed to have the newest and high-end telescope at his reach to use it when necessary. Furthermore, he fell selflessly to his friends when they asked for it, although sometimes he felt overwhelmed by the events and thought it would be better to stay at home and write about the feats of his bolder companions than going to experience them himself.