Better nature for Azumarill in scarlet and violet Pokemon

Amarillo seems quite innocent, but he has the potential to be quite dangerous. He has great writing and access to Have Power, on the one hand, which is one of the best skills in Pokémon; In addition, Mar ill evolves to a low level, so it is easy to add to your team. Here is everything you need to know about the best nature for Amarillo in scarlet and violet Pokémon, so you can tear down other coaches.

What is the best nature for Amarillo? Answered

The best nature for Amarillo is Adamant, which maximizes Have Power’s attack impulse. The base attack of this Pokémon with an Adamant nature increases to more than 400 with maximum EV. Amarillo speed statistics is irrelevant because Aqua Jet learns, so don’t worry that your incredible type of water does not have the opportunity to attack after a Belly Drum at the right time.

In addition to the two movements listed above, the water rabbit Pokemon should have hard and another good movement of your choice as liquidation or protect. It is true that rude game enhanced with Stab after Belly Drum also inflicts an amazing amount of damage when the situation requires it, but Aqua Jet is likely to be the movement you use most frequently.

That is all we have in the best nature of Autofill in Scarlet and Violet Pokémon. Check out some of our other contents on the new Pokémon games, such as how to get Moon Stones, where you can catch Sinister and this explanation of Meal Powers.


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